10 Pictures Of Malia And Sasha Obama That Would Surprise Barack Obama

  • 7:47 pm July 15, 2018
  • vignesh

The First daughters of former US President have always been seen at their best behaviour. Even when they were not on their best, they were always better than most teenagers their age. They obviously had to follow a strict code of discipline while growing up, laid down by their parents Barack and Michelle Obama. They spent around eight years at the White House and yet gave their critics and naysayers no chance to bring them down or criticise them. They have perhaps to the extent of being been called the most well-behaved American children. But surely there have been few occasions when they have let their guards drop, their hair down and behaved like normal teenagers. Here’s presenting you few such instances.

Fun with Cardi B

Obamas we are pretty sure wouldn’t approve of their youngest daughter hanging out with them, especially if they would have ever heard any song by Cardi or Offset.

We can’t imagine what Barack Obama said when he saw the picture of Sasha Obama hanging out with the two rappers.

Getting comfortable about her love life

Quite little was known about Malia Obama’s love life but now that she is grown up and studying at Harvard, she often gets cosy with her British boyfriend Rory Farquharson during their errands.

And this behaviour is very unlike the Malia we’ve seen up till now

Music festival merriment

Malia went to a famous music festival and hung out with the rapper Amine as every average teenager would love to do. And while normal teenagers can have all the fun at music festivals, Malia’s antics were criticised.

Prom dates and issues

When photos of young Sasha with her prom date surfaced online it did not take much time to go viral, people were quite surprised that Obama was letting his daughter go to this public event with her boyfriend.

Not a smooth internship

Malia had done a brief internship with Harvey Weinstein’s company and after the grim details of the disgraced movie producer’s misconduct were revealed, people were nervous about Malia’s time in his company too.

Now this wasn't needed

While it is human tendency to yawn and have few awkward moments but to have been taken to the cleaners for this harmless acts of yawning was a bit too much from the media's end.

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Her swimming pictures

Pictures of Sasha in a swimsuit were once national headlines. Though she was protected by the Secret Service, we bet the Obamas would really love the kids to have more privacy

Dress Sense under the scanner

Both Malia and Sasha Obama have always been pretty conservative about their wardrobes. In fact you’d seldom find a picture of the Obama siblings, inappropriately dressed.But in her teenage years there were few of her fashion statements which made many heads uncomfortable not because they were downright risqué but from the perspective that no one thought this could be a possibility.

This picture, for instance, has her wearing a denim top and some sneakers. It’s just a simple denim dress but it appears short. The truth is Malia is very tall like her parents which is why the dress looks shorter than what it is supposed to be. But of course the dress didn’t escape media attention and Obama critics took a snap at this too.

They were judged

When the girls were wearing skirts that were too short they were punished and labelled classless for the choice of their dress sense. They were even shaded by a senior Republican official, who had said that they needed to respect a white house event and show some class.

When in Rome do like the romans

While we agree that many of us would certainly have off days but to be scrutinised for that is bit harsh and when the subject matter is about junior Obama then how could one be spared, the poor thing had to bear the brunt of the fashion police as they said who wears such short skirts in winters.