10 Pictures Which Prove That We Live in a Mad World

  • 5:08 pm July 23, 2018
  • vignesh

This world is my playground said a wise man, but few people have taken this hearsay quite too far isn’t it. People in this planet never mind taking digs at themselves, taking people for ride but making merry all along. This world and the people in it will never stop amusing us: every day brings in new and sometimes strange surprises. Some people laugh have fun when they see them, and others get angry. We prefer the former — people who laugh often live longer.

Cone producing another

Very rarely have we seen something like this, an ice cream cone shaped object present to produce ice cream cones what fun is this world.

What are they trying to do?

Why on earth would anyone want to decorate a TV in such a manner that a grave has been decorate we aren't sure either, still searching for answers.

Parked in the wrong place

Police is still trying to figure out what went wrong here, to see a car parked this way all encompassed in sand, wow we love such stuff don't you.

We mean really

All our life we were taught that there are just 31 days in December but this came as a surprise immigrating on 32nd of December, wonderful weird world this.

Plethora of options

When we thought having even one is a luxury here we have options in abundance, so someone please tell us which one to make use of.

Food art or photo art

With which option would a restaurant customers be more happy at the sight of delicious food or at the sight of a good pic art, we are sure many would choose the former so restaurant owners buckle up and better focus on the kind of food you are going to serve.

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Puzzle gets us puzzled

This puzzle got many of the kids worked up they were wondering whether what they are seeing is exactly how it or is there something more to it.

Intelligent use of technology

Science and technology have come a long way haven't they, with the advent and advance of these we are often left better served.

Case in point being this example.

He must have given this a second thought

While we appreciate his enthusiasm and his penchant to do something different but do we agree on what he is doing here is quite debatable

Long day for her

When the whole day you have made merry enjoyed to the hilt had great fun, celebrated as if there is no tomorrow but in the end what you are left with is regret.