10 Things Women Search On Google When They Are All Alone

  • 6:16 pm May 22, 2018
  • vignesh

If you that you use google just for things which were beyond your power of knowledge or imagination, think again.Google probably is not just a powerful search engine but in fact is a tool which has control over millions of live in this world. Whenever we fall short of answers and want to know something at the tip of our fingers, google is our best friend then.But the search doesn’t just end year, it starts getting weirder, which means the more you know about something.Similarly no sooner it helps you with most of your questions, you start asking questions based on crazy stuff and this is exactly what google comes up with each year, a list based on most searched stuff.Here’s presenting 10 cases of women googling stuff when they are left all alone.

Can I buy it in bulk

One of the most surprising searches which has made to the list is this one.

Women querying up asking can we buy all the wine in bulk, we could only let out a laugh.

Can I get Pregnant

Call it anxiety, fear or pure lack of sex education, this is one search which continuously tops the list of search.

The all important question of could this lead to pregnancy, stresses them out the most

Lets Ace the Twerk Game

Everyone this days are quite curious about cracking the twerking game.

Hence it doesn't come as a surprise that twerking comes on the list of top things searched.

Can I get one

Nowadays the craze for having a unicorn has increased crazily

So no surprise this that women are leading the race in search for getting a unicorn

How to lose wieght

You must be lying if you say you did not expect this search to be part of this list. This is something which everyone wants to know and at the cost of less hardworking, google could you help

A search on me

Come on this is something which everyone must have done why just say the women.

Just googling to find out how famous or not one is, this is something which we are sure has been everyone's search

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How to do this: cut my own hair

Okay this question may be something which is right under the fairer sex's kitty.

Since hair care is something which is very dear to them, they are quite honest about the fact that can they cut off their own hair

The loyalty test

Its good to be jealous and at times possessive in your relationship, it keeps the relation ticking

So how to smart the game, you go online and search how to test whether my partner is loyal, ace search we must say

Those days of the month

This is the phase where women have to shoulder all the unnecessary burden and even expected to smile despite all this

So it is only natural that women are concerned about menstruation and google stuff related to it

All about the tattoos darling

Be it men or women everyone has now got onto the tattoo bandwagon

So it makes sense that people google every once in a while about which is the right one so as to get it inked.