10 Tricky Sights Which Will Surely Make You Think Twice

  • 4:43 pm July 24, 2018
  • vignesh

Photography is an art, an art which does many a things at a time. There are various kinds of photography art, trick photography is one of them. It is easily one of the most interesting forms of photography which exists in the digital age. Much to our liking its pretty great fun to look at, fun to take, and even more exciting to analyse. Photoshop is still quite relevant but trick shots are a wonderful showcase of talent and intelligence. So the next time you are out on a vacation instead of taking a selfie with your friends, try taking some tricky photos to share and inspire. We at Genmice have tried compiling a list of smart trick pictures that require you to look at them twice in order to understand them.

Eiffel Tower's magic

Such a pure joy to witness childhood in its absolute delight there is no denying this fact.

The photographer here has tried to capture a girl holding the Eiffel tower in her hands how wonderful is this imagination.

How hard is too hard

We never knew we can push it so hard that the balloon starts moving all on its own that is the beauty of imagination you see, a trick here a skill there mix with creativity you get this.

Big is the new small

While everyone was busy capturing the landscape and the beauty of the whole scenario, here comes the photographer who has focussed on the camera, a big one at that.

Not a collage

For a while even you guys must have thought that it is just a pure imagination of ships flying in the air but when you look at it closely you would understand that it is an actual depiction of ships in the sea.

Is it intentional or what

While we are still trying to gauge the fact that whether this was intentional or he was stuck with something there. This just means that the photographer had a field day here wonderful trick/shot this.

Yoga skills out there

Photographer here has given a whole new dimension here by capturing the posture of this girl who is much consumed into Yoga, we like the trick and the angle the photographer has used here.

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Get in to a new country

We have seen people moving to different country or settling in there but is this literally the way one does it, photographer captures a perfectly fine take here.

When vacation is all about fun

We know very well that vacationing is nothing but fun pure unadulterated and when you add a photographer to the scene the joy knows no bounds this is what exactly has happened here.

World's biggest water bottle for sure

The world is running short of water as a resource we do need more water for sure and we will make do with anything which is available especially if we have water bottles like these there is no stopping us then.

Have you seen such a swimsuit

While many of us agree that swimsuits are the best part of beach vacations we surely envy the kind of swimsuit this woman is wearing rather has been shown wearing. All credit to the photographer here, hail the hero we say.