12 New People Who Deeply Regret Online Shopping

  • 6:40 pm August 27, 2018
  • vignesh

Online Shopping is amazing and very convenience for people now a days but there are some people who shopped online and they got something very weird and unhappy stuff. Expectations don't quite meet reality. That dress that looked amazing on a blurry photo of a model, might not look quite so amazing on you. Those $700 sneakers you just bought? They are actually tiny doll sneakers and you just got scammed.

Are They The Fool Or They Are Fooling Us

I Bought this cup for my wife expecting it to change from a black cup to a Christmas scene.

Wait Zoom It And Then Watch it

Oops! It is a surprise or a shock

Give It to your girlfriend dude!

I shopped this tank top on Amazon and they sent me a dress. On the plus side it does make my ass look great.

Dinosaur Pillowcase

OMG! It is a cloth with the print. Where's the pillow?

Didn't Worked Out

Bought a pillow of myself for my girlfriend when she went to the University. It's looking weird!

Fake Beauty Product

Always use brand beauty products. But after seeing this it will be difficult to trust online products.

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Baby frock

My Sister Ordered A Dress Online. But It came out as a baby frock. But the best thing is she can flaunt her tattoos.

This is hilarious

My Friend ordered Fifty Shades Of Grey on Ebay. This is what she received.


I Knew I was taking a gamble ordering from wish.... but still i couldn't stop laughing When my blanket finally arrived.

Wrong shoes

Bought new shoes online

Love My new Yeezy

One more example, this is very funny


This outfit is a big disaster of the day