13 Ridiculously Photogenic people

  • 3:07 pm May 3, 2018
  • Hazel

The social media is flooded with selfies and photographs. But, if we try keeping up with the trend, I am sure most of u agree that no matter how hard we try to photograph ourselves in a certain way, we never really achieve the desired effect. However, not everyone gets photographed badly. Here we bring you a list of people who are ridiculously photogenic.

Marathon Runner

While everyone in this photograph is puffing and panting, this one guy looks like he is just taking a casual stroll, while in reality, he is actually running the marathon. Not everyone can keep a smile like that in place while running.

Fire Away

This girl looks like she is having a ball being surrounded by fire and smoke in contrast to the guy behind her, who has gone all red and sweaty due to the heat surrounding him. She looks so nonchalant in this photograph that it looks like it has been photoshopped.

Animal Lover

This girl managed to capture the adorable expression of the deer in her selfie. Such a photogenic animal.

Jump Ashore

The timing of this photograph is excellent and also the matching facial expressions.


How can one manage to look and pose so radiantly while practicing a tiring sport with so many hurdles?

Model Incoming

This guy looks like he is modeling for a magazine cover while getting slammed to the floor. How can he not even quiver a little bit?

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Jump Now

Not just her face and her smile, even her hair seems to be photogenic and arranges itself away from her face for this perfect shot, while she is jumping in the air.

Flying Ball

He leaped, caught the ball, and before landing he struck this fabulous pose.He is literally floating in this shot.

Baby Steps

This baby looks like he was born ready to conquer the world, with his photogenic looks.

Run Down

The timing between the click and the instance when he raises his hand for a thumbs up comes across like the whole thing was planned.

The Roller Coaster

This scene looks like, something out of a movie and not some random couple on a roller coaster. They do not look even a tiny bit perturbed.

An Eagle On My Arm

Instead of being shaken by an eagle sitting on her arm, she looks like a girl from a fantasy book cover which might have been titled ” Kingdom Of Eagles”.

Waves Ahead

How can one be so calm and composed while surfing?