18 Awkward Russian Wedding Photos That Are So Bad They’re Good

  • 1:14 am September 3, 2018
  • vignesh

Russians make up for their reputation of humourlessness, in their wedding photos.While in the Western world, photoshoot of the big day is generally sincere, romantic unlike Russia, there, it’s all about shots that allow the couple’s humor and personalities to shine through. Isn’t it great?


This is the reality of marriages!

Is she really going to do that

Take care brother!

Not that

Why would they gross up the fruit with their dirty minds?


Are they trying to give hints of having babies?

Why though?

She stuck a bread inside his mouth through his head!

Genie Genie

He is a genie if he provides you whatever you wish for!

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What the

Why would anyone do this for their photoshoot?

Peeing is cool

Breaking the stereotypes!


This is why computer technologies shouldn't have been invented

Sea swan

His face says it all!

Make a choice soon

Run away from that!

Frame them

No better frame than this!

This is for her

What better gift


Gowns the shelter for the little groom!


Take me there, crowman!


Take him out like this!

Who thought of this

Is it the wedding or fancy dress competition?

Reception wait

This is what happens when you can't wait for the reception to end.