6 Biggest Snakes Ever Found In The World

  • 5:33 pm January 29, 2021
  • suhas

Snakes aren't somebody any of us would wanna mess with and more so if it is a huge one! They are terrifying to say the least. But there are people who have spotted snakes of a size we cannot even imagine. Here are some of the biggest!

Brazil river Anaconda

Anaconda is arguably the most petrifying species of snakes! Hollywood has made it even more terrifying! A trail of fishermen pulled the Anaconda out of the river and the video was released on Youtube. This image clearly hints that this was one of the biggest snakes to be ever spotted!


This 25.2 feet long snake was found in Kansas City, Missouri. This reticulated Python was the longest snake in captivity so far. Clearly one of the biggest!

Python in Malaysia

A huge Python was found in Malaysia. 8 meter in length and 250 kg in weight, it was understood to be heavier than Medusa. Looks absolutely crazy, doesn't it?

The Nabau

Nabau is an 100 feet long snake with a Dragon’s head and nostrils. Villagers living along the Baleh river where Nabau is found, believe it to be a jinxed creature. A lot of outsiders did not believe its existence but when photos were released, nobody had any answers to it!


Post Dinasours, scientists believe that snakes ruled the world. The longest and the most terrifying was Titanaboa. The breathtaking discovery of Titanaboa was made by a team of scientists in a Columbian coal mine.

33 feet Anaconda

Here's another Anaconda from Brazil in the list. This time from a construction site. At a construction site in Brazil, construction workers spotted this giant Anaconda which weighed about 400 kilograms that was left homeless after an explosion rocked the city.

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