8 Images That Make Us Realize That We Are Lucky

  • 5:48 pm July 23, 2020

We dont consider ourselves as we keep looking over other's shoulders. We think how blessed are these people who are leading a life of luxury. But only when we get to know them in person, do we realize that everyone is fighting their own battles.
That is the time we make peace with the fact that life has been kind to us and we must be grateful for whatever we have.
Today, we bring to you certain images which reaffrim the same and show how lucky we are in our feet.

When the key gets locked

You have a key for certain purpose. One would want to unlock something using a key, but here if see that the key itself has got stuck inside the lock.
What a sight this!

There is so much which needs to be done

Time is a constraint for those who don't know to manage it.
People get tired wihtout doing anything.
This confession is a classic case of not doing anything and feeling exasperated.

Frankness is cuteness

Sometimes being frank is the best thing a person can do. A frank human doesnt need to remember things as they are straightforward and upfront about everything.
Here, we see a cute little note, surprisingly written by someone who name is frank.
The note says i am trying my best, Dear Lord, please be with me.

People need a shoulder to lean on

We have often seen people who need someone, with whom they can connect to. These are people who constantly need someone to assure them that life is good.
This man with a note on his back is no different.

Being funny and weird

There is a fine line which separates the funny ones from weird ones.
We are pretty sure this lady who has shared this cryptic post falls in the latter category.

What a calculation

People who are good at numbers, tend to initmidate others with their profess.
This is another one of those examples where numbers and ages have seem to got better of everyone.

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We feel for that man

He would have planned everything perfectly, but at the last moment, the milkshake spilled from his hand and rest as they say is history.

Challenges are opportunities

When life throws challenges at you, make sure that you don't get scared by it, rather make use of it to build something worthwhile.