8 People Whose Craziness Will Entertain You

  • 1:23 am June 16, 2018
  • vignesh

Laughing is a soothing way to confront our life. Few comment us if we laugh for no reason. But indeed finding something funny in everything is a blessing and making others notice it so that they take sometime for themselves to come out of their stressful life. Not all have the virtuosity to make everyone stay happy. The ones who are blessed with this skill are worth a lot more than applause. Being clever to mock sarcastically and at the same time to turn out the taunt into a crazy joke isn’t as simple as we assume. The complex the life gets, the more you need to learn to be crazy.

Do we have another titanic here?

We were left bewildered with what we saw in Titanic and to see the image relive in front of our eyes is something we aren't sure we would be able to take it.

But this is exactly what seems to be happening here.

What is going on here?

Sometimes we fail to understand what is wrong with this world why are people so weird and we are often left dumbfounded with images like these, we mean is this even for real, the man in the vicinity of this woman who is ready to gallop everything.

Calm before the storm isn't it

Look at the unbridled joy on the face of this individual who is ready to take the plunge and get himself immersed in the company of water but the way he has positioned himself is something which is making us weary.

Family picture gone wrong

It happens a lot of times doesn't it when we are all set for the family picture nicely tip toed in unison and in perfect harmony before the camera click and there comes a seconds where everything suddenly goes haywire and you are left wondering what exactly went wrong.

We wonder what is it looking at

We almost always prefer the rear seats when we are in for a long drive or a picnic since that gives us the best seat in the house to make fun of everyone and at times also tease the vehicles which are behind our own.

But we do feel the ordeal of this little one as it is searching for something but we aren't sure what

Peck in the neck isn't welcome

There are many a ways through which we can express our love and affection towards someone but it looks mighty odd if it isn't reciprocated well case in point being this particular image where the boy wants to give the girl a peck on her neck but she isn't the least bit interested.

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Stockings of some kind

While we do agree that stockings are a part of an accessory which is an immediate turn on but this is something we would have never imagined something pretty funky we must say.

Perfectly captured isn't it?

We have seen people getting impatient when the soft drink arrives on the table we are all so keen to get ourselves drenched with its taste that at times we fail to realise that it isn't always wise to do so, just look here all the gas has come to an absolute boiling point and it has gone kaboom.