8 Pictures Which Demand Attention, So That We Can Understand Them

  • 6:49 pm July 23, 2020
  • vignesh

There are thousands of pictures on the web, each one more different than the other. While there are plenty of them which make us smile, there are few pictures which make us question what really is this picture trying to say.
We at genmice are going to look into certain such pictures which require our undivided attention

Girl and her heels

We do feel for girls who wear high heels as a compensation to cover for their height.
At times it gets cumbersome for them, walking for long miles wearing heels. This lady in this picture, she has our respect

Two or one leg?

At first you maybe confused, wondering the girl is standing on two legs or one, but the second picture in the combination, will give you a clear idea about it.

It isnt clean grass

Who wouldnt want a home like this, which is surrounded by rich green grass all across, but sadly this isnt grass which envelops the home here, it is algae rather.

Is there a better way?

We don't think there could be a better way than this which could counter baldness.
The design kind of looks cool on this gentleman.

Clay face fell flat

This sculpture which was designed using clay seems to have fallen flat on its face, owing to which the clay face appears angry.

They aren't 2 different roads

If one got a feeling that these are two different roads, then let us tell you, it is not the case. They are separated by a tunnel, through which the road appears underground.

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We thought she is staring at someone

Don't buy this thought that the woman in the picture is staring at someone. She is a model in the magazine which is being read, holy lord such confusion.

Couples sacrifice their height

It is so wonderful to notice that friends of the couples who were all taller than the marriage duo agreed to pose on their knees, so that the couple in question could have their moment under the sun, we surely appreciate this gesture.