Girls Have Confessed The First Thing They Check Out In A Guy!

  • 12:22 pm July 20, 2018
  • vignesh

All men would mostly love to have all the female attention to themselves. And if they are able to get that then there would be no stopping them. If you are being stared at by women you sure are lucky as hell to have a female following! Girls do look at guys and look for things they admire in a guy. However, there are certain features which varies from a girl to another. So we had girls confess about what they look out in a guy when they see them and their answers were pretty interesting.

Boys having broad shoulders

We are pretty sure that women do generally prefer looking at men who have a ripped physique.

No one says no to broad shoulders. You don’t even have to be ripped for that, just normal broad shoulders do the work!

They look down at times

While many women would shy away from admitting the fact that they do check the essentials but few are frank enough to admit that they do check out the unmentionables. Now the men would realise how awkward it would be for women when they are being constantly stared at.

The way you walk

We often associate confidence with a person's way of walk. If a person walks free with flowing energy we easily get the feeling that he is confident and that is sure a turn on. On the contrary if you walk clutched you would easily come off as someone who is short on confidence, not a good sight you see.

Few even go lower

There are few women who aren't scared to admit that the first thing which catches their attention is the part where the men's jeans start, how odd it would be to holding on to a look there.

Collarbones and muscles

Now this is something we admit is a sure shot turn on and many of us would definitely look out for a man having collarbones and well toned muscles, no brainier this right.

Eyes don't lie

One of the most arresting and captive features which first gets the maximum attention is a man's eyes, if they are charming enough it can make nay woman irresistible and then there would be no looking back then.

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Hairs are a turn on too

Why would not anyone not like good hair they are an instant turn on and if well groomed then there is no looking back, case in point being this guy and his hair, wow.

Studying the entire face

People generally like noticing small details about their face and not checking them out.

If they have a small scar anybody will notice that. While few like noting down their reactions and expressions. We are always game for the minute details.