Solutions To 10 Classic Magic Tricks

  • 1:09 pm May 18, 2018
  • vignesh

Magicians create a world which remains an enigma for everyone, sometimes we are left in awe of their tricks. But our mind keeps asking the same questions how they do what they do. Therein lies the trick, therein lies the beauty and mystery of the magic, we have tried decoding a few, lets check that out below.


The woman is placed on a board which is held up by a metal rod.

The magician hides the rod, so the place where he is standing determines how well the trick is executed.

Cutting A Body Into Two

A person is chosen among many to perform this act.

He has to tuck their body in to give the illusion that their body is being cut into pieces.

Fake feet are attached at the end for when the model moves.

Up in the air

This may seem familiar to the levitation trick but here the magician does not stand in front of the support.

He then passes a hoop over the assistant only going as far as the support allows which gives the illusion that the body is floating in the air.

Precisely cut to half

This one is quite a classic. An assistant is already present in the box before the trick starts, her body camouflaged.

When the other assistant gets in the box, the one who is already in puts her legs out while the other hides hers, where we can view only their upper body

When the blades go in and the box separates, we are actually seeing one half of two people.

MJ's dance trick

We always thought of him as someone who had nimble foot.

What we never knew was there is a science behind this, a slit in the shoes catches on a lift so when once you lean beyond your center of gravity, you can return to an upright position without the fear of falling over.

He made the Statue Of Liberty

He is world famous for making any object under the sun disappear

But the one which puzzled many was how he managed to pull statue of liberty

The audience and pillars next to the statue were on a rotating platform.

The audience were displayed so that the statue was out of their view but they didn't know they had been displaced.

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Criss Angel Levitation

He too used a hidden leg to step onto for his levitation trick.

This made people think he is floating in the air with his legs up.

Window having the card

This trick takes trickery to an altogether different level, the card player invites a person to pick out a card, he then would scatter the pack on the window, but only the selected card would stick on the opposite side of the window..

This is made possible by a person being present to the window on the opposite side.

Walking on water

He performs this trick by using lexical pillars coming up through the pool of water which he uses to step on. We aren't buying this any further.

Fake Bullet Catch Trick

A bullet is fired which drops down and fake marking is made on the glass.

An assistant on the stage volunteers to take the bullet and enact as if it had been caught.