These 10 Pictures Will Make You Think Coincidence Doesn’t Exist

  • 4:45 pm June 29, 2018
  • vignesh

Coincidences are something which doesn't happen often there are certain instances which take us by surprise. You feel how on earth could one witness such a thing but to notice at first hand is really strange isn't it, here are certain examples of the same.

Whats is going on in here

We fail to understand what she is trying to do here with that weird thing in her hand we are sure she must have thought of something.

What a thought

We surely must appreciate the person behind this idea who has thought about this novel concept.

What a coincidence

Mother of all coincidences surely we have not seen a picture better than this a woman working on a machine while her image is right there opposite to her wow.

Wow, the obvious reason!

The weight watchers have been canceled for obvious reasons... That's an odd alternative to go for! But people have preferences, right?

That is some bizarre illusion!

Look closely, people... It is not what you think it is. It is the legs of the girl on the left and not the other way around. That's hilarious!

A singer of a different kind

How impressed Taylor Swift must have been when she would have seen the rear of these two vehicles, she surely would be a very happy artist. A tribute of some kind.

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Marriage isn't always fun

People get weirdly worked up when it comes to marriage and its worries post it but this one is surely upto something isn't it.

Fate plays various roles

We have seen quite a lot of coincidences in our life but this surely has to be the one right up there with the very best, doesn't it.

How funny is this

Just when we was revealing the information about the robber we realised that he is the one who is at fault, holy lord.

How unlucky is this

IF only someone told us it would be this way we would have surely brought the idea completely but alas we didn't.