10 Images That Proves Time Travel Do Exists

  • 5:03 pm February 13, 2019
  • vignesh

Have you ever heard about time traveling or history repeating itself? Well, now you are in luck as we have collected some pictures that indicate that Doppelgangers still exist or these stars coincidently resemblance this person from the history that will amaze you.

Matt Damon's lookalike from 1961

This kid had a surreal experience when he saw the resemblance of his dad from his wedding day to Matt Damon who looks just like the same.

Johnny Depp

Well, this kid had a moment of joy when he thought that his great grandfather looks exactly like Johnny Depp and now we too wished the same.

Natalie Portman

A girl had a tough time dealing with the fact that her friend at the age of 13 resemblances the celebrity beauty Natalie Portman.

Jay Z

If we look at the images you will realize that both pictures have the same man and we are quite into conclusion that did Jayz went into time travel.

Barrack Obama

A man resembling a man is good but if a woman resembling the great leader Barrack Obama then its really surprising.

Jennifer Lawrence

No doubt they just look the same, the eyes, the face structure everything. The great actress Zubaida Tharwat from Eygpt and Jennifer Lawrence are like twin sister from time travel.

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Dave Franco

Well, watching the handsome Dave Franco all girls start to swoon but knowing the fact that he also had a doppelganger, we are still drooling.

Mark Zuckerberg

It seems Mark Zuckerberg also had a doppelganger in King of Spain Philip IV. Well if only they had their role reversed then it would be something different.


The king of Rap looks exactly like Roman emperor Severus Alexander and we are little skeptical to know the fact did Eminem went into time travel.

Matthew Perry

The famous Chandler Bling a.k.a Matthew Perry looks exactly like the vice president of the United States John C Breckinridge.