Desperate Comments By Men On Insta Posts So Bad That They Deserve To be Punished!

  • 11:00 am July 2, 2021
  • suhas

Let's be real. Social media has a lot of boons and banes to be honest. In the growing world of insecurities, banes are sadly more than boons. It is slowly growing on to become an unsafe pace for many. Here are some comments by men on Insta posts that are terrible.

Reality Check

So some guys have this perception that dirty flirting is something that women love. Ummmm, reality check, they don't!


So this man only cares about his wantss and his haves. Doesn't really matter what this woman thinks, right?

Not A Good Idea

I am scared Captain America is not gonna like this idea. He may also decide to take a legal action against this man.


This is one of the most disturbing things I have seen on Internet! Absolutely crazy!

Not Cool!

Forget disturbing, people are slowly becoming disgusting online! What is this even?

He Should Become A Non Living Rug

We really hope he gets to become a rug in his next life. He deserves to be one!

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Be A Gentleman!

Here's a lesson guys, women don't like such sleeze bags! They love gentlemen!


Here's a wrestler guy trying to impress a good looking woman. Maybe she is not into wrestlers! Lol!


Believe it or not but this geek is cute! He's been the least stupid in the comments so far!


This is a super duper tasteless comment. We are sure the woman wouldn't have appreciated this!