Guy Who Takes Photoshop Troll To A Whole New Level

  • 4:22 pm August 9, 2018
  • Hazel

Photoshop is an amazing invention. We could do things that are unimaginable and even impossible. Imagine living without photoshop would only be working with paintings instead, but this amazing technology has given us an opportunity to display our imagination on the screen. That is why we could see so many awesome pictures with the effects and also unimaginable things added to it that compliments the picture and enhances as a whole. You will be surprised to see how much you can do with the things and what amazing things you can create out of it. This guy named James is a professional photoshopper. The British designer has become an internet star with his unique style.

Heroes don't always need costumes

This picture is funny but the execution of it is very insightful. I love how James thinks of heroes as. The depiction is perfect and this is an example of a true superhero on the right! Guess the guy is more than pleased with his photoshopped picture...

Settle down ladies!

This is genius! This way he could get more attractive girls around him. I like how James even translated that into polish language. Just to contrast the attire!

Smile while showing off your teeth

I was not expecting this when I saw the request. This guy has an inexplicable sense of humor. Hope the woman was satisfied with the results! Who could have thought of this?

Guarding the gates

Am convulsed in laughter here! hopefully, he doesn't lose it while guarding it! This pun will forever live in my memory whenever I look at this picture again, I am going to crack up, even when the joke dies!

Make it not so revealing

She contextualizes as the top wasn't nearly so revealing when she looked at herself in the mirror before leaving the house. Well, James has his ways, and this one clearly makes the best one on the list!

Hand loom

The perfect way to cover up a mess, photoshop! This picture is goals! I wish I was this good with photoshop. I am sure the guy in the picture is now content with the picture. He will upload it with the caption, "Making a sweater for Grandma!" lol!

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People are so delusional! This particular picture is proof that people have really very unrealistic expectations and this is why there are trends that are followed. I wonder they even realize what they asked for, doesn't even exists and showing it off somewhere would only make more fun of them.

Clean up after your pet

This one took me a second to get. If you look closely you will see that even though he took off the warning sign, he left a poop shaped something on the log. This one will surely crack you up!

Scars are beautiful

She wanted to hide her scars, but she didn't realize that those are a part of her personality and she should actually show it off instead of hiding it and flaunt it like a strong survivor.

Super Cool Teacher

This teacher is awesome in her simplicity. Even though the children wanted something unique and wanted to see James creativity, he opted not to ruin the picture of this great lady.

She looks so healthy and happy.