10 Childhood Games We Played In School

  • 3:47 pm March 5, 2018
  • vignesh

How we wish we get those days back...

Childhood Games

There are certain memories attached with our childhood which can never get erased, no matter how old we grow, certain things are always bound to stay with us.
One such thing which still gives us cheers is childhood games, a memory which would always last long with us.

Name, Place, Animal, Thing

This is a game we definitely used to play in our childhood during whatever free time we managed to squeeze in.

Truth or Dare

This game still gives us chills, thinking about it now when you were even afraid to reveal silly truths about yourself.
Ones who were not bold enough to admit the obvious, they preferred taking the dare option, some geniuses even added stare to the option, Ah those days!

Pen Fight

Much before we started fighting with our inner demons, Pen Fight was the game which gave us ultimate thrill.
The ones with the heavy pen lids always seemed to have an undue advantage.

X and Zero

This was much before Exes became part of our life, X and Zero was the big thing, winning those games gave us unbridled joy. What childhood!


How easy was life back then, winning a game of bingo gave us an absolute high!
Vertical lines, horizontal lines, scratch them win them, announce and flaunt you are a winner