10 Diseases That Can Be Cured By Making Love Everyday

  • 4:44 pm March 7, 2018
  • bhavna

Making love is not only about attaining a lot of pleasure but also about being fit. It has its own advantages you see. Let us introduce you to some serious diseases that can be cured by making love.


How often have you slept like a delight after being a passionate animal under that blanket? It is a well known fact that making love helps in a very good goodnight sleep.

Skin Problems

They say making love helps in making your skin fresh and shiny as it releases toxins which is reflected directly in the appearance of the skin. So the next time you feel something odd with your skin, you know what has to be done.

Heart Related Trouble

Experts firmly believe that being intimate with someone on regular basis reduces the danger of heart attacks and other heart problems. Ultimately, all’s well that heart’s well!

Also An Antidepressant

Science says that making love also works like an antidepressant. It is know to improve ones self-esteem and thus, an antidepressant.


Making regular love is known to strengthen the pelvis and prevents hated urine leakage. It therefore helps to combat urinary incontinence.


It might just be hard to believe but making love can do wonders on flu. In reality, antibody production is discharged during pleasure, and because of this it becomes a potent antiviral. Now we know the natural remedy for flu.

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Making love releases oxytocin and increase endorphin. These hormones help the body and mind to relax thus treating your headache.

Muscle Overload

If you want perfectly relaxing muscles, indulge into love making activity on regular basis. Having intimacy is the solution since it is the best exercise to combat muscle and joint overloads. Makes sense.


Regular sessions of love making can also prevent prostate cancer.

Breast Cancer

So let us explain you how it works. The stimulation of the breast causes the woman to release oxytocin a hormone that protects the appearance of this kind of cancer. Wow, intense!