12 Effortlessly Simple Ways To Attract Men And Keep Them Interested

  • 11:03 pm April 18, 2018
  • mariam

Attraction is natural and this is why men and women fall in love. Falling in love is a different thing and staying in love is pretty different and exhausting. It’s always hard to find a good guy. You are not always wrong when it comes to choosing men, you may have been falling in love with the wrong guys.

Always Focus On Your Date Rather Than Your Phone.

A good relationship starts right from the first date. Show your interest in him rather than leaning over your phone. Do not just jump on Facebook and Instagram. Grab your guys attention.

Do Not Change Yourself.

Show him your individuality. Men like a woman with strong willpower and true personality traits. Be what you are even in front of your date.

Respect Yourself.

Know your worth and respect yourself. You won’t get any respect out of your man if you do not respect yourself.

Intelligent Conversations Are The Key.

A guy doesn’t always want a partner who is hot but without a brain. He wants a lover with whom he can have intelligent conversations at the end of the day.

Don’t Confuse Him With Your Feelings.

Be pretty straightforward. with your feelings. Do not show him that you don’t like him, this will make him confused about your feelings and that isn’t good.

Show Interest In His Hobbies.

Men usually want a partner who shares same hobbies or at least has the same hobbies. Right from gaming to watching sports, they want to share all. This is one of the strongest things that helps a woman to attract and keep men interested.

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Try Not Be A Burden, Be Financially Secure.

Grab a well-settled job and manage your own expenses. This always keeps the bond strong and avoids too much financial responsibility or burden on the male partner.

Be Confident But Do Do Not Hurt Anyone Feeling.

Be confident but do not be rude or over aggressive. It’s hard to be down to earth when you too aggressive or overconfident. Differentiate between being confidence and overconfidence.

Be Vulnerable And Express Your Fears.

If you feel afraid of something, just express yourself. A good man will definitely understand your feelings and will help you to recover

Take Initiatives In Bed.

Always take initiative to take control in bed. Try to dominate in bed and show your confidence in it. Try to be as much innovative as possible.

Love His Family Win Their Hearts.

Nothing gives more pleasure to a man other than this. He wants a partner who loves his family and this is what keeps him interested.

Help Him To Overcome Difficulties In His Life.

When life throws lemons at him, serve him a lemonade. Keep this quality and you will be able to attract a man and always keep him interested.