12 Pictures That Shows What Men Really Want In A Relationship

  • 2:48 pm March 21, 2018
  • pooja

Guy’s logic in a relationship is way different than a girl’s. ‘Men will be men’, a phrase heard, experienced, witnessed by all of us. No matter how hard a guy tries, he ends up being just like what guys actually are! Guys need things out of a relationship that they won’t tell you but silently crave for. There are guys who talk about their feeling and what they want from you but some don’t.

When you know what guys need in a relationship it automatically becomes easy for you to love him and make your relation with him, grow but guys in a relationship are like guys in a war. Of course, relationships are a big thing for all but for these guys, it’s bigger. While girls expect care, love, and emotions in the relationships, guys seem to be more interested in romance and intimacy.

So, let’s check out 12 pictures that perfectly sums up what guys really at in the relationships!

1. Everytime. Every damn time.

2. When a man in a relationship tends to get creative.

3. Things guys do to keep themselves busy.

4. As I said, a man and his logic.

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5. Let’s talk about a serious relationships, shall we?

6. Well, this couldn’t have been portrayed better.

7. Despite all the threats, advice and what not, they never learn.

8. And then there is this discrimination guys in relationships face.

9. Changes every relationships faces after the first month.

10. And the demands they make.

11. Things they do to keep themselves busy. Everytime!

12. The accusation of thinking about $ex all the time. Although it’s true!