10 Surprising Secrets You Missed To Know About The Female Body

  • 4:58 pm April 18, 2018
  • mariam

The female body is the most beautiful thing god has made in this world. It is also a work of art. There are many hidden secrets which are still to be discovered. People must have read big books or maybe researched online, studied on female body. Here we have the most weird things that you need to bring notice to. Our bodies can be strange and Fascinating all at the same time.

Women to seek men

So, women are mysterious, and they sure have a very different thinking that is definitely not a guy's easy game to crack! When women seek men they are not only attracted to the kindness of a person or a behavior.

Biologists say that it is natural for women to seek men because of attractiveness and resources.

The attractiveness of the baby is highly dependent on what the female eats during pregnancy.

Women are so very particular about their diet. You know why they are so many cute and beautiful babies out there? It's because of their mother's diet during their pregnancy! Yes, the things a woman eats is also responsible for her baby's look. So eat wisely ladies. Don’t make an excuse to eat whatever you want.


So, whatever you eat describes your mood. Ever thought eating would be so important? Now you should! The part of the brain that is responsible to show attractiveness women also shows food cravings.

Women’s brain tends to go into the past more than men. They have a better memory.

Now you know how she remembers every word of the argument you had with her. She might have surely forgiven you but she hasn't forgotten! That's why you should not underestimate her!

She might just pretend

A girl will always act as if someone is looking at her. Be it best case scenario or the worst! That's why they are so beautiful, right? The best part is, she doesn't even realize it!

Unlike men, women listen from both the sides of their brain.

This is why she is confused while shopping and eventually takes more time to decide what she should buy! Next time be sure you don't piss her off while she is shopping otherwise she'll probably think of dumping you too!

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Not for you!

Women are beautiful and they want to look beautiful and not only because they are with you. Instead, they tend to look good because they want to look better than the other woman!

Summer happy

No women want to be single in the summer! Well, the hotness all around her is just raising the temperatures up and she craves a partner to share it with!

They overthink

Women tend to overthink a lot! If she's pissed with you, she has probably thought of dumping you! So, be careful with what you choose to do.

Women live longer than men.

This is actually true! It's maybe because of all the extra brain exercises that she does, like, overthinking and stuff that keeps her alive longer.