12 Things That Are Great Than Sex, And Is A Must For Every Relationship

  • 6:18 pm April 10, 2018
  • Hazel

We all understand that sex is great, but there are certain things, which are more wonderful than sex. When the daily dose of sex starts becoming monotonous and boring in a relationship, the zest, and zeal for trying new tactics and taking it to a different height fails, this is the time you must try out these wonderful things.

Nurse Roleplay

Every relationship demands a little caring, so, why not give some caring by taking on the role as a nurse when your partner is unwell. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing to do?

Who would refuse a lovely lady from taking care from providing breakfast in bed, changing his clothes, giving him a wash, to be beside him all the time? This roleplay shall really win his heart and bring both much closer to one another than before.

An Outing

Those in a relationship must understand that keeping it healthy always is very important. Sometimes, being in the same place all the time and with the same routine every day, starts to eat you up.

Therefore, in such situations, it’s better you both go out somewhere, where the two of you are alone, with no restrictions. And being far away from the maddening crow and the daily stuff will bring some peace to your life. Not sex, but it’s this that will get you to know and start understanding each other better.

Always Compliment Each Other

Everybody’s ears long to hear those wonderful words like you’re so beautiful, you’re doing fine, food is delicious, I missed you etc.

Complimenting and appreciating your partner will add more love in your relationship and make them happy.

Communicating constantly with one another, with wonderful words is a must and the best policy. It will never fail and keep it going stronger and stronger along with sex.

In-touch with In-laws

Meet the Parents! Well, this is a must for everyone, always stay connected with your in-laws. Remember, it takes two hands to clap, by being in-touch with your partner’s parents makes your relationship with your partner more wonderful and lasting.

Everyone wants that their parents to be respected by others, isn’t it? I understand, nothing happens overnight, but gradually respect for each other and the indifferences begin to take a positive shape.

Non-sexual Contact

Every time it doesn’t have to be all about sex, sometimes it’s the non-sexual contact like a casual hug, a back massage, caressing the head, or eye to eye contact, which gives a wonderful feeling.

Respecting each other mutually is one of the most important parts of a relationship and just not sex, by the way.

Give Surprises

We all like surprises. So, if the normal routine for her is to come back from work and cook up something then for a change, you must cook before she comes. Or come home with the chocolates she loves to eat before going to bed or get some flowers she adores.

As for the lady, appear during lunchtime in his office with his favorite burgers or greet him at home wearing some sexy lingerie. You see after some time in a relationship the spark, the fun and excitement start disappearing, hence you need to keep the fire burning and the water boiling.

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Emotional Intimacy

The best person to show your weakness is your partner. To cry on their shoulders at a time of distress is not at all a sign of a weakling, but of having an emotional intimacy.

No one understands you better than your better half, who will not push you away or disrespect your grievances. They will always give a patience in hearing you out and try to boost you up, in order for you to gain that confidence back.

Simply Do Nothing

There are moments when a lot can happen without doing anything or saying anything. As they say, silence is golden, so, when you two are together, lying on the couch watching a gripping movie on Netflix, both totally engrossed in the movie, is also one of the most wonderful things besides sex.

Or listening to music, that you both love, speaks a lot of volume in a relationship besides sex.

A Love Letter

Besides sex, the other thing one can do to bring in some more enthusiasm to your love story is writing a love letter to your partner. Profess your love, your feelings of being so secured when they’re around and appreciate their presence in your life.

Sharing about what you like or what you hate most, what makes you comfortable or what irritates you about them, will also bring in a great rapport between the two. You must put in the best words, why they mean the world to you, that’s it.

Go On A Date

You may have dated earlier many times, but now when you are in a different level of relationship, where things get very stale and repetitive, it’s a must to take your partner on a date.

Once again, try to bring that sparkle in your life by going for a fancy dinner to a restaurant you’ve never visited, with good food and good ambiance.

Counting On Each Other

Sometimes life gets too messy, when unexpected difficulties start bouncing into your life, which bends you, breaks you, and you tend to fall apart.

This is when one must be convinced that they can count on each other, to face those situations, no matter, how problematic it may be. Each one needs to stick to their word, do what they say, and be consistent in their actions. Therefore, no one hurts no one.

Giving Each Other Space

There are times when we must be left alone to check and analyze things or just do daydreaming. So, one needs to be left alone and given that space for some reallocation.

Therefore, if they do not wish to speak at all about their problem, don’t feel offended. Going a distance away from you will not disturb the relationship, in fact, it will bring you closer to one another.