12 Things Woman Desire Men Understood Better

  • 4:50 pm April 10, 2018
  • Hazel

It’s beautiful when you are in love but it’s very different to be happy when you are in love. It’s always hard for two people entirely different to adjust but love makes it possible. Still, there are things that women wish men understood better. Men are always lame when it comes to understanding.

When She Says She Needs Space

By saying this she means she wants you to fight for her. Every woman wants special attention and care and its never a wise thing to give too much time and space to Women. What they do with the time is they overthink and ruin everything.

When She Says I Am Fine

She is not fine by any means. Go and uplift her mood. Unfortunately, men never seem to get it right. This is the signal which you need to understand for a better relationship.

Do Reply Honestly To Her Questions

Whenever she is asking a question, more or less she already knows the answer. Why were you online until so late? or Where did you go off on your lunch break? She knows the answer to these questions. So try to answer quickly and honestly before its too late.

Fulfilling The Fantasies

Women have a special place for fantasies in their lives. She wants to walk on a beach with you, she wants to watch nice fireworks holding your hands. We know this is a bit dramatic but they want men to sweep them off their feet. This is one of the things women wish men understood better.

The Right Kind Of Gifts

Try to be creative when you gift. Do not always give chocolates, perfumes or flowers. This becomes very repetitive and doesn’t go well. Get something out of the box in a while and she would love that.


Appreciate the way a woman wears her hair and if you want her to look better then suggest the hairstyle. There are many things through which every single woman goes before finalizing a hairstyle. So do not ruin it with your harsh comments. They do it just for you.

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Importance Of Special Dates

Men are always found guilty of forgetting the important dates including birthdays, anniversaries as well as the last dates. This is intolerable try to add a reminder to your phone so that you do not ruin the dates.

Why Do Not Men Express Themselves?

It hard to guess when men do express themselves. All women are not that too good at guessing. Do not hold your feelings.

Acting Like A Gentleman.

Women want to be treated in a special way and only well-behaved man can do that. Take this for example, when you both go out for a dinner, Open the gates for her, hold her hands while walking and ask her what she wants to order.

Fashion Advises.

You should rather be very professional to give fashion advises or you shouldn’t be giving them. Focus on what she is wearing rather than on what she is not.

Makeup Suggestions.

Men do not even know the shades of different colors so how could you ask a woman not to do heavy makeup. Let her do the kind of makeup she wants.

The Supply And Demand Of Intimacy.

Men always want to be in bed and that is the thing we are obsessed with. This never goes well with women. Try to understand the supply and demand system and follow the trail.