13 Irritating Habits That Your Boyfriend Despise The Most

  • 7:10 pm April 10, 2018
  • Hazel

Your boyfriend loves you for sure but he cannot take some of your irritating habits. Sometimes girls get too clingy on the name of love and guys just hate it. There are few things that a guy can never compromise such as his passions and his me time. So to keep your guy happy you need to make sure that you don’t irritate him with your useless habits.

Sharing your relationship issues with others

Every relationship has its own share of ups and downs but guys just hate to wash their dirty underwear in public. They like to keep things personal so make sure to not share your relationship issue with others. And if you do so, then, you know you are an irritating girlfriend.

When you keep talking when he’s playing

He doesn’t like talking while playing. So, if you talk in between his game then you are gonna hear his “uhh, huh, hmm.”

When you leave him with a hard on

One of the most irritating habits that your guy hates is leaving him turned on. Girls like the foreplay session more but if you don’t give him the real play, it will annoy your boyfriend.

When you don’t give him space

Man always need their own time and space, it doesn’t mean that he has stopped loving you. You may not like spending time alone but guys really need it.

When they don’t get a bit of quiet time

Your boyfriend loves to hear you but excessive speaking sometimes irritates them. Try to give him some quiet time and when he doesn’t get his own quiet time he gets irritated. Yes, quality time is important for you both it doesn’t need to be exciting every time, sometimes you to can be quiet yet happy together.

When you flirt with others in front of him

When you flirt with other guys in front of your boyfriend, they find it irritating

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When you ask him if you look fat

It better to go and look yourself in the mirror instead of annoying him with this question. It is such a question that he can’t speak anything because if he speaks the truth you’ll get hurt and he probably doesn’t want to say lie

When you don’t understand his passions

He really hates it when you don’t understand his passions. He surely loves you but life is a lot more than that. And you have to understand his passions to make your relationship successful.

When you constantly try to change him

Your boyfriend doesn’t hate it when you care for him and tries to change him for good but they find it irritating when you impose something on him. He hates it and will start to ignore you.

When you are too clingy or too independent

Too much of everything can be harmful, it may sound weird but yes men hate it when you behave too clingy and at the same time they don’t want you to be too independent! Try to be balanced.

Being overprotective

It’s good to be caring but guys hate your overprotectiveness. So, ladies if you are overprotective of your men, go and get a life.

When you shout at him in public

It is really one of the annoying habits and he even feels insulted when you shout at him in public. If you two are having an argument it’s better to discuss it privately.

When you envy his female friends

When you are in a relationship it is necessary to give each other some liberty. You cannot decide each and everything in his life at least let him choose his own friends. Do never ask him to choose between his friends and you because he hates it.