13 Obvious Signs That Show A Woman Need Intimacy

  • 4:59 pm March 20, 2018
  • pooja

Every relationship has some intimate moments. But a wrong move at a wrong time can ruin the whole relationship. Now, men and women act in different ways when trying to seduce their partners. Ladies are more subtle, they drop signs and hints which need to be caught. Whereas men are somewhat the opposite.

But since we are talking about ladies, let’s stick to that. You can know when your woman needs intimacy by reading her body language. And it’s really important to be careful with these signs as you never know, what might offend them or what opportunity you might end up missing.

Here are signs that show a woman need intimacy!

1. She sits close to you

If she sits right next to use ensuring that her shoulder rub against yours this means that she is totally in you. She wants you to take the relationship one step ahead.

2. While walking, she tries to hold your hand

Does she try to hold your hand while walking? If yes, she feels secure with you and won’t mind you taking this relationship to the next level.

3. She invites you to a movie at her place

If she is not ready to intimate, she will never invite you to her place when she is alone. Don’t miss the chance when she does.

4. She gives you a sexy glare

Pay attention to how she stares at you. Is her stare is a normal stare or does she tries to say something. A sexy glare is all you want to make a move.

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5. She uses sexual innuendos

Women don’t like s3x jokes. But if your woman is cracking some, she is hinting to her inner need of intimacy. Don’t let her down.

6. She kisses you intimately

Next time when your woman kisses you, notice how intimately she kisses you. If her kisses are passionate combined with tongue play, don’t wait and take your relationship to the next level.

7. She breathes heavy

She may just go breathless or breathe heavy when you are around if she is really into you. In case your woman is shy catch her throw her breath.

8. She does things to impress you

Does she gifts you often? Or is she doing stuff that you like? Come-on she is trying to grab your attention. Do you still want her to say?

9. She asks you about your girlfriends

She may ask about your past relationships to know if you still stuck on some. No woman likes to date a man stuck on past.

10. She likes the way you smell

Does she compliment you for smelling good? Smell is one of the senses that activates libido. If she smells you often, she is eagerly waiting to be with you.

11. She does things you like

One of the most obvious signs ever. A Woman when in need of intimacy will do everything you like. It’s you who has to see the hints.

12. She drops subtle hints

Yes, this is something a woman does in a situation a such. Women are not loud-mouthed, they won’t ask for it directly. Hence, you need to be careful with these signs.

13. She dresses to impress

A woman’s dress can say a lot. Not sounding sexist in any way and also, asking you be careful about that. But beware and do see the kind of dress.