13 Things Which We Have Definitely Done In Our Childhood!

  • 12:08 pm March 7, 2018
  • vignesh

Nostalgia strikes back!

Rolling The Bicycle Tyre

This was one of the craziest thing we did back then, soaking in all pleasures of childhood.
This would seem a little too much for kids these days, but guess what those were the days! Where we use tyre as our fun past time. Where we used lack in having bicycles but these was the favourite of all time

Drenched in Rain

Back then, getting wet in rain was one of the best childhood pleasures, but owing to reasons unknown we hardly see kids nowadays enjoying this bliss, even the sprinkles of each drop can make our day. There was always fun in rain, and always felt like playing football or dance like peacock in rain.

Paper Boats

What fun was to deploy our handmade paper boats in water, ah if only I could trade it with anything! That memory still give us nostalgia moment. Well these was most memorable one, where even in floods or during rainy season, we used paper boat the most. Even if we think of that time memories make us emotional.


To draw the lines yourself, marking the frame yourself and enjoying all the glory all by yourself stapoo was unbridled fun and always fail to succeed in it. Nowadays, mobile has take its place rather than outdoor, people are more indoors.

Spinning Top

To compete, to see how fine one spins the top this game us unmatched highs, ah childhood, why did you desert us. And this was the all time favourite, because wherever our life takes us these memories will never fade away.


Even though Ludo has now returned with technology strongly backing it, it used to be ultimate fun when we literally threw the dice and rolled to see the suspense well where ludo brought everyone closer, but time and technology divided us.

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How wonderful were those moments when we used to collect all our piggy bank money to consume our favourite toffees. Even if the new replaces but these toffees will never replace and can't be replacable. Still a great memories to remember.

Hide and Seek

Our favourite childhood pastime was to play hide and seek, if the hiding team was in unison then God bless the seeker. But surely technology divided us where this game surely brought closer and made many memories but time passes and it really divided many childhood memories.

Marble Game

Playing with marbles, and using all those slangs and terms related to marbles was one childhood marble and was the all time boys favourite game. because it was only past time that made summer holidays more memorable.

Seven Stones

Lagori as it is popularly called, was a beautiful game, where in the priorities lied in hitting the opponent rather than bringing down all the seven stones. Well this played from the historical period and it never faded even in that period of time. but it surely was the most played games of all time.

Chor Police

This was the ultimate game of thrills, chop police back then was pure joy, well these game never faded and it really brings back all the memories, where our innocence lies beneath it but time made us apart to relieve these memories.

Joy without joystick

Playing those handheld video games, beating our own personal scores, those were certainly the days , this was one of the most popular and most played amd really most memorable one. Even if we grow or time do us apart, we cannot forget these one, because these was the only game that made our childhood more fun.

Playing TV Video Games

It was a luxury for most of us back then, but hell yeah it was good fun and these will never fade, even if new games replace it but these game is irreplacable. Because our all time favourite Mario and many more just made our childhood awesome.