15 Actual Issues Why Conceiving Can’t Take Place In A Woman

  • 12:28 pm April 11, 2018
  • Hazel

Pregnancy Possibilities & Impossibilities

When you are pretty healthy and if your conceptive parts are operating at their best, there’s a 25% possibility of you becoming pregnant during every menstrual cycle. But sometimes, even though you may have regular periods, there’s a number of daily activities, which could affect your possibilities of conception. Here’s some of them.

Plenty or Less Sex

Sex is the basic need for human gratification and conception. And humans have a habit of overindulgence, in either having plenty of sex or very less sex. But just because you’re having sex regularly, doesn’t mean you will conceive. Regular sex will not hamper the intensity of a man’s sperm, but it may cause health issues such as fatigue, dizziness, weak knees, and frequent urination. Therefore, when the real-time for fertility arrives, neither will be in the mood due to plenty of sex and the moment to conceive passes by.

If you have less sex with the intention of preserving your sperm for the ovulation period then, that may also affect your chances of conceiving because of the long sex gap. Keeping sex-limited you may lose the fertile phase, as you may not be sure every time regarding your ovulation. Hence, have sex regularly, but keep a watchful eye on your ovulation dates.

Overly Stressed

The ability to become pregnant gets hampered, due to being overly stressed out, which disturbs your health both mentally and physically. Even depression and anxiety lowers your fertility levels. Conceiving takes place when one is calm and balanced. Your hypothalamus functions that control the pituitary gland gets hampered due to stress. The gland controls adrenal, thyroid, and ovaries, and affects the period cycle, even leading to untimely periods. So, first get out of this stress before conceiving.

The Man Issues

Low sperm count and poor sperm activity in a man is one of the real issues causing infertility. These real issues percentage are almost 30 to 40% among couples with an infertility problem. Therefore, it very important to visit a doctor or a fertility expert for instant analysis. There’s a way to solve low sperm count or increase sperm activities via in-vitro fertilization (IVF) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). IVF engages in reproducing the egg and sperms outside the human body and ferrying the fertilized egg to the vagina. And a single sperm is picked and directly injected into the egg through ICSI.

Rushing Towards Bathroom After Sex

Do you rush to the bathroom after sex to clean up and have a wash? Well, don’t, because you need to allow the sperm to reach the egg and fertilize it, hence, stay in bed for a while. By rushing, you are allowing gravity to pull the sperm downwards and the balance sperm gets washed away as a result of cleaning up. Therefore, this is one of the real issues for not getting pregnant. So, stay put.

Tight Undergarments

Women love to spotlight their body and figure, due to which, they wear tight-fitting undergarments to get that perfect shape. As a result, they disturb the activities of their conceiving organs, where the sperm formation goes below in men and the reduction of air-circulation leading to irritation, in women. In order to avoid any infections, wear proper fitting cotton undergarments, which shall decrease sweat and moisture related issues, allowing your inner parts to get some air and feel eased.

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Having sleepless nights also results in the immune system getting affected, causing pressure and exhaustion to the body. Infection chances increase due to this leading to the reproductive cycle being affected. In the case of men, fever and extreme body heating could spoil the sperm due to infections. In women, their menstrual cycle gets affected due to sleeplessness caused by anxiousness. So, get plenty of sleep and see a doctor if your suffering from insomnia.

Over or Underweight

Any of the above could lower the chances of getting pregnant. You will never ovulate properly if you are underweight and overweight could obstruct your fertility. However, what benefits is having a perfect body, otherwise, not having an ideal BMI means lesser chances of getting pregnant, in spite of your ovulation being on time. So, only a balanced fitness routine, healthy diet, and lifestyle could provide proper nutrition and supplementation for conceiving.

Excess Lubricant Usage

When you use too much of vaginal lubricants during intercourse, it directly affects the sperm quality and interferes with the fertilization. Now, whether you buy or make it at home, the after effects is the same. Lubricants consist of acidic pH, including its thickness and water content, enough to destroy the sperm. Nothing like a natural lubricant that arises through foreplay. So, get into the mood.

Wrong Lifestyle

Smoking, drinking, drug abuse, and caffeine are the wrong lifestyle, which affects your fertility. These real issues lower the sperm count and motility and cause irregular ovulation, among women. Hence, if you wish to conceive then you need to quit these habits and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Environmental Pollution

Both men and women are harmed due to environmental toxins. Hence, exposure to pollutants such as chemicals, pesticides, cigarette smoke, polychlorinated biphenyls, plastics, food packaging, and personal care products (soaps, shampoos, and cosmetics), is liable to affect your health, especially fertility. They lessen the couples’ ability to conceive by 29%. Therefore, avoid exposure by eating organic foods and use personal care products that are natural and organic.

Irregular Periods

Those who have real issues in getting pregnant are the ones who do not get their periods regularly. The discrepancy in ovulation is due to irregular periods, so, how can one conceive, possibly without an egg, never. Hence, you can’t get pregnant if you ovulate less. So, a healthy diet, attain ideal weight, perform moderate exercises, and take fertility enhancing supplements, as per the doctors advise, is the only way to deal with such real issues.


When endometrial cells grow outside the uterus, it creates long-lasting complications to the reproductive system.The tubes preventing fertilization gets blocked or the fertilized egg is blocked from traveling towards the fallopian tubes. As a result of this women have painful periods, severe pain while penetration during sex, painful bowel movements, and frequent urination along with a feeling of the bladder being full during the menstrual cycle, or chronic pelvic pain. Laparoscopy treatment helps to locate and remove the blocked tube.

Ovulation Issues

Irregular ovulation is what causes almost 20 to 40% infertility issues in women, preventing the mature eggs from being released from the ovaries. As some women aren’t able to ovulate, others ovulate every quarterly. The real issues for ovulatory discrepancies could be hormonal fluctuations, excess weight gain or loss, excessive exercise, or severe stress.

Hence, you need to get to a doctor, who may prescribe you ovulation stimulators such as gonadotrophins, clomifene, prolactin suppressants, often with IVF and fertility drugs, that will take care of this ovulation problem.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Hormonal imbalance creates a complicated condition, disrupting ovulation. The ripening of ovarian follicle and its maturity gets disrupted due to small cysts being formed in the ovaries. Irregular menstruation, weight gain, excess hair growth, and acne are the other probable symptoms that come with it. Change of lifestyle and diet should help control weight, along with, medical treatments such as ovulation stimulatory drugs (gonadotrophins, clomifene) and IVF, could possibly treat PCOS.