15 Reasons Why Young Men Fancy Women Older Than 40

  • 12:11 am April 19, 2018
  • mariam

This is just good news for women who are 40 plus, stop being so concerned because it’s getting wilder. Young men are now beginning to fancy older women because they believe older women have experience, feel safe to be with, openminded, more cordial, and are much sexier than the younger lot.

Not Buried With Their Phones

Young men observe that older women are simply not buried with their phones compared to the younger girls, who are constantly holding onto their phones and chuckling at it. Hence, they fancy the older lot because they don’t find them engrossed in themselves and neither are they, virtual devotees.

More Openminded

Now, the young men fancy to have an intense and meaningful conversation with the opposite sex. Obviously, you will find this trait in older women because they have the experience and will patiently hear you out. Young men feel they can be more open with them about their personal issues, as they will not gossip, but keep it a secret.

Not A Constant Attention Seeker

Older women do not crave for constant attention or praising, compared to the younger ones, who fancy attention all the time. The young girls want their partners to see the changes they have made in their appearances or their apartment. Whereas, older women do not have the time, as they are occupied with work or unbinding from their work stress

They Can Do Things On Their Own

They can mow their lawn, take out the garbage, and change a car tire with nobody around. So, older women, need no one to their dirty job, they are independent, self-sufficient, and have their own set of principles, which they follow. When somethings not right they object or disagree because they can fathom the differences. So, overall, they appear strong, with their minds made up and taking a firm stand on certain issues.

Comfortable With Their Body

With all those years, these older women have come to terms with their body and are comfortable, no matter what shape or size. In the case of young men, they are more attracted to a woman with body weight than someone skinny, someone who’s not ashamed or body conscious and don’t complain all the time.

No Time To Worry

Every young woman worries about their education, job, career, relationships, marriage etc. etc. But where older women are concerned, they have overcome that phase and are more focused on living life on life’s term. For them worrying is a useless thing to do, it just adds more stress, hence, being calmer and adjustable is wiser

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No Hurry To Get Married

Many older women are not in a hurry to get married because of their age crossing 40, marriage is not the criteria anymore. And many women are either divorced or fancy being single. With no pressure for marriage, it makes it easier for them to work on a real healthy relationship slowly and steadily. Well, that does work in favor of the young men.

A Fancy To Try New Stuff

Just because you are growing up, doesn’t mean that the fun stops. Well, this is the theory of young women, but older women realize this wrong concept by the time they turn 40 and now fancy being adventurous, which they couldn’t when young. They are freer to go on vacations, as there are no kids to worry about. Young men don’t want anyone to hold them back from having some babyish fun and the older lot quickly adapt to this outlook and go for it.

Take Command

No doubt, older women have plenty of experience and know exactly what they fancy and aren’t ashamed or frightened to take command of situations, once in a while. Young men also love their older partner to be in command in bed too, as this gives them a hell of a thrill to be dominated.

They’re Realistic

The younger lot of women have a difficult time in fathoming, how to start and how to end certain issues because of their illusions and expectancy with life. Whereas, older women have the experience of failures and know what is possible and the impossible. So, they set more realistic aims which are reachable but based on reality and young men understand that with them, they can be guided to reach their real goals.

Relationships Built On Friendship

Before getting into bed, older women try to make the young men understand them first because a well-nourished relationship is much better than a negligent romance. They prefer friendships that are based on understanding and respect, which is a matured view and the young men appreciates this attitude. To know a little, talk, ask questions and show interest is how it works in building relationships.

They’re Sincere And Blunt

If ever you speak to an older woman and ask her something, she will without any hesitation answer you sincerely and bluntly. Because she has no hang-ups with the reactions or consequences. Many don’t fancy this trait, but now, the young men seem to be taking a liking to this approach. They know what they are saying because it’s all coming from hardcore experience.

Responsible And Committed

Compared to the younger women, older women know how to handle situations in a more responsible way, as they are pretty committed to what they do. Though a woman’s life is more complicated than men, yet they know their job, duty, and importance in society. No, the older women are able to cope with the changes in life and adjusting to the customs of relationships.

No Regrets

They know when to end relationships that are not working out and not regret it because for them it’s a waste of time. Along with life, every relationship changes, nothing is forever, some last few months or few years and this they know very well. So, you know when getting into a relationship, that she is not stuck with her past relationships from which she’s broken off. She’s clean and ready for something new.

They Don’t Play Games

Now, whether it’s playing games on social media or with relationships, the older women are out of this nonsense. The younger generation doesn’t know what they fancy, hence, they go randomly making relationship on social media. This confirms, that these type of people are looking for a short-term pleasure, attention, and self-satisfaction. So, since she doesn’t play games, it allows young men to pave their way to a successful and healthy relationship.