17 Photographs That Explains The Reality Behind Social Media Posts

  • 8:27 am April 11, 2018
  • mariam

It explains a lot

The moment when you are asked to pose and when you set free! *Reality is so painful*

The fall has been shown as if he did a stunt!

“Already planning another pool party.”

That’s what girls do on a night stay!

Ooh, La La! The wind blew her everything away!

This is the sad truth of time! We have no time for each other but we pretend to be something else on social media through photographs!

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Broccoli v/x Nutella! Reality is too harsh!

Such alluring body!

A touch of makeup and your bosom earns a B-plus.

“Bae allowed me to take his car.”

He has a personal Eiffel Tower that too in the loo! “I can’t believe I’m finally in Paris!”

The things you do for a stunning photo.

The waves managed to steal the show! Hilarious Photographs!

He took *Statue* of liberty way too seriously! “It’s so sunny in New York today! You can barely see the Statue of Liberty.”

“I deserve this rest.” He has actually worked really hard for it! Harsh Reality!

That’s the definition of perfect timing!

The reason why they say the one who travels on two boats at a time definitely drowns!