24 Images That Explain What It Feels Like To Have A Tall Boyfriend!

  • 1:07 pm March 21, 2018
  • pooja

When you just stand at 5 feet 2 inches and you have a tall boyfriend who is over a foot taller, that explain things can either get better or worse. There are many girls out there having a tall boyfriend, whom the difference doesn’t cause any inconvenience at all, instead it feels to be more comfortable in their company and many prefer a tall boyfriend for protection and femininity. Now, whatever the height may be or the reason, the point is to love and feel loved.

1. It feels challenging to get into the frame whenever a group picture is taken.

2. If you are short then you are rest-assured that in every selfie, you will be more highlighted than your tall boyfriend.

3. Your tall boyfriend can always stretch out his arms and get things done that is unreachable for you.

4. The greatest benefit going to a concert with your tall boyfriend, you get the best seating facility.

5. Whenever I wish to kiss him, I need to stand on some support to reach up and kiss my tall boyfriend.

6. Everything comes within my reach with my tall boyfriend around and it feels great.

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7. Falling in love with someone tall is like being swept off your feet, every time he takes you in his arms.

8. When height matters for people, the little sizes happens to go unnoticed.

9. It feels like a nice workout for my calves when I tiptoe to reach for a kiss.

10. It feels nice when my tall boyfriend gets down on his knees to kiss, making the whole moment romantic.

11. Whenever we are in public as a couple, it feels great to be the center of attention.

12. With your tall boyfriend, there are so many positions, that you can enjoy yourself.

13. You can always expect to be carried around and it feels superb without putting your foot down.

14. While sleeping, with him, cuddling from behind, you will always get to be the little spoon.

15. No need for nightgowns to sleep at night because his shirts shall do the trick.

16. Sometimes it feels difficult to match up with his pace when walking together.

17. There will always be a free piggy ride available at your beckon call.

18. In spite of all the high heels you wear, sometimes it feels difficult to reach and get a kiss.

19. Even if you aren’t able to reach, his strong arms explain, that they are always available to hold on to.

20. Never will there be a moment, where you can lose him in any crowd.

21. This image will explain, how to be prepared for plenty of forehead kisses.

22. During your down moments, he is always there to give you an uplift.

23. Sunshine or rain, you never need to hold the umbrella.

24. Last but not the least, this image will explain that you can always look up to your man.