7 Things You Should Always Avoid After Taking Your Meal

  • 3:32 pm March 26, 2018
  • pooja

People are less aware of the things that can affect their health. And they do it unknowingly. But some things can harm them on serious levels. There are some things that you should always avoid after taking your meal.

Here is the list of all the things that you should never do after taking your meal. Check all of them out to ensure yourself healthy.

1. Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking Cigarettes is a harmful habit in the first place whether you take it before the meal or after it. But when you smoke after having your lunch or dinner it increases its side effects up to 10 times. It also enhances your possibility of having cancer in future.

2. Eating Fruits

Avoid eating fruits immediately after having your meal. It can cause gas and other digestive problems. This is because it causes the stomach to bloat. So always wait about 1 hour after eating your lunch or dinner for fruits.

3. Bathing

You must be wondering what’s the connection between eating and bathing. So let us tell you that when you take a bath, the circulation of blood increases in your limbs which reduces the blood flow to your stomach. This could create a problem in the digestion of the food. So always avoid bathing after eating.

4. Sleeping

The horizontal position of the body does not help in the digestion of food. If you sleep immediately after eating your food then you might face indigestion. So this is the thing you should never do after eating.

5. Drinking Tea

Drinking tea after taking your meal is probably not the best thing to do in order to stay healthy. This is because tea contains a high amount of acid. Acid can harden the protein present in the food and thus can cause you indigestion. So maybe wait for some time after eating to drink your tea.

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6. Walking

Although many people believe that it is a good idea to take a walk after eating, somewhere it is also considered to be a myth. The actual thing is that walking doesn’t allow your body to absorb the proper nutrients from the food you take. So always wait for an hour after you take your dinner or lunch to take a walk.

7. Loosening Your Belt

We all are used to loosening our belt after eating in order to give our stomach more space. But this is the thing you should always avoid. As it can make your intestine twisted and can also cause blockage of food in the intestine.