8 Bridesmaid Perform Irish Dance. Then The Groom Steps In...

  • 2:53 pm September 14, 2018
  • Hazel

Weddings are awesome. Whenever you attain a wedding, you are welcomed by the Union of the two people and they look beautiful on their day. But the Bridesmaid also have the same attention as the Bride and The Groom and so they are the highlight of the wedding too. Bridesmaid makes the Bride look more gorgeous and they are expected to shine throughout the event but these bridesmaids choose to do something different and decided to dance on the Irish dance and woo the crowd. But wait until you see the Groom step in and take all the attention to himself as the whole crowd roars during the performance to cheer him up.

If you’ve been to a lot of weddings, you know how special the ceremonies can be. Whether they include unusual vows or powerful surprises from the bride and groom, every wedding is memorable in its own way.

But these days, couples are turning to receptions to show off their creative side and give their guests some unforgettable moments like this unlikely duo cutting loose on the dance floor.

The traditional Irish dance at James and Róisín’s wedding is unforgettable, and just about the best wedding dance I’ve ever seen. Everything starts when Róisín’s bridesmaids, dressed in neon green dresses and black tights, start performing an Irish dance.

It’s mesmerizing, but it gets even better when the music changes… The traditional Irish music gives way to modern pop songs and Róisín steps onto the dance floor to show off a few well-coordinated steps.

But the real shock is when the groom surprises everyone and makes an entrance… And I must say, James, who hasn’t danced much in his life, has some seriously impressive moves!