An Open Letter To All The Women Who Loved The Wrong Guy

  • 8:42 am April 11, 2018
  • mariam

An Open Letter To All The Women Who Loved The Wrong Guy

Wrong person

Loving the wrong person is never always a mistake. It gives you so many lessons for the future. After having such bitter experience you will always know if you are in a company of a wrong guy. Not all bad things have bad consequences, if you look carefully you will always find a positive thing about your current situation.

Losing a person

You tried your best to love a person with all you had but instead, he took you for granted and ignored all your love. It is his loss, not yours. Because he lost someone who truly loved him but you lost the person who never really cared about you. And never really loved you.

Deserve better

It’s true that whatever happens, happens for a reason. So take as a sign that you deserve a lot better than this. You deserve someone who considers himself as the luckiest man on this planet to have you, who looks at you the way a little kid looks at the stars, who states you like you are the most precious thing on this planet.

Bad Relationship

One bad relationship experience can shake your belief in love for a lifetime but you should never forget that it was just the wrong guy, not the wrong destiny. Great things are going to happen to you very soon. So don’t give up on love now.

Find Your Soulmate

There is a lot to come your way. And you will definitely find your soulmate who will respect you and will love you like no other. The love that was first ignored by someone else will now get appreciated. So for now, just forget what happened. I know it’s tough but at least try. Because one day you are going to be so happy that you will forget if you were ever heartbroken.


This open letter is dedicated to all the women out there who loved the wrong guy and are heartbroken. Just remember ladies, it is just a bad phase, not a bad life. After all these black clouds there is a whole new sunshine waiting for you. Just don’t give up.

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