By Following These Simple Tips You Can Easily Seduce Your Girlfriend

  • 5:14 pm April 10, 2018
  • Hazel

Boys have a hard time seducing their girlfriend because it is not an easy task. Girls often take a lot of efforts and time to finally turn on while for them it is just a kid’s play to seduce boys. But now you can turn the tables because we are here listing the tips that you could use to seduce your girlfriend easily. Just follow these tips and become a pro in turning on your girl.

Steps To Charm Her

First, you have to win her confidence and have to know about her consent like is she really prepared for this? And did she really want to have sex? Questions like this maybe do not matter to boys but they are very important for girls.

If a boy makes any move without her consent then it works as the biggest turn off for girls but if you will really care about her will for sex then she will definitely get impressed.

Compliments, Respect, Confidence

Always compliment her and address her by saying beautiful and pretty. Girls like boys who compliment them and if you make her feel beautiful then she might be little less insecure in front of you and will open up more easily.

Always show her respect. You should always make her feel that you are not one of the boys who disrespect girls. Be a gentleman to her. If she will feel respected and safe with you then she will easily get attracted towards you.

Be yourself and be confident. A boy should always be confident in front of his girlfriend in order to impress her. Look her straight in the eyes and make every move with confidence. She will easily get her turn on.

Gentlemen are attractive

You should always be clean while meeting a girl. Girls do not like messy boys and it works as a major turn off for them. So brush your teeth nicely, shave properly, take a shower, put on nice deodorant and wear clean clothes, you will get there easily.

Act like a gentleman in front of her. Do all the duties of a man and be a mannered person. You should always know how to treat a girl. Your gentle and respectful behavior will always impress her.

Steps To Initiate A Move

After showing the above-stated gestures you are all set to make a move. Start with gentle touches. Do not do too much too soon. Wait for the right time to make the right now. So for now, just start with gentle touches.

Ears are the part of our body which are erogenous. That means even a little activity done there could turn you on. And it applies to both the genders. So you could try whispering in her ears. And it could be anything beautiful. It will turn her on.

Move your fingers on her face and body. It works as a major turn on. And even better if you do it while looking her straight in the eyes.

Go for the neck

Gently touch her neck. The neck is the part which is highly erogenous for girls. So if you touch her neck it would turn her on.

Hold her hands while making your move. It will make her fully involved in the process.

Touch her thighs and legs if you get a chance. She will get seduce more easily.

Caress her hair, while touching her. It will give her a feeling of love and seduction at the same time.

Steps To Make A Move

After finally getting her to seduce by using above tips, now its time to finally kiss her. First, start by kissing her gently on her lips. Don’t use your tongue immediately. Wait for a while for doing so.

Make sure you don’t have a bad breath while kissing her. She might lose all her interest in you.

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Erogenous zones

Move your hands a bit around her body but not without her consent. If she refuses it stop instantly.

Touch more of her erogenous zones and implant soft kisses on places like her neck, shoulder, ears, her stomach etc.

Be on her mind

Keep complimenting her during the process. Make her feel sexy and desirable. She will feel more turn on. Trust me these tips will get you there.

Leave her wanting more. If you get her fully turned on and leave her like that she will have a hard time letting go of you. She will always be wanting more and you will always be on her mind.

Steps To Drive Her Wild

After initiating the move by using the above tips now its time to drive her wild. Kiss her around the area present on lips. She will feel more seduced and will try to kiss you but you just move your lips around hers for a while.

Place gentle kisses on her other body parts, like her stomach, inner thighs, her waist. This will definitely make her go wild.

Take your time to undress her. Don’t move too fast. And do it gently step by step.


Add a little excitement to the story. You could blindfold her or tie up her hands using a scarf. This will definitely seduce your girlfriend. But only if she feels comfortable.

After using all these tips, you are set and your girl is already turned on.