Love Or Lust? These Ten Points Will Clear All Our Confusion

  • 2:53 pm September 27, 2018
  • vignesh

If you aren’t able to figure out what real love is and that is the main reason you are constantly stuck in relationship issues? You are not the only who is battling this. There are many in this current generation who are forever in doubt this, they mistake every move made by the opposite gender in their favour. At times love is mistaken for lust and vice versa. Pure Love is all about expressing and letting your loved one know how much they matter to you. Love is about defending your partner in front of everyone even when you know they are wrong. Love is about walking those difficult steps together even when the destination isn’t visible. And lust though important it is not the end all and be all of everything, it is just a phase which makes love more beautiful.

Love is unconditional

If your partner is willing to let go of their ego and it has a long-lasting effect on you, then it is surely a sign of true love. Signs of temperament or ego issues cant be found in a true relationship. Unconditional love is something which only wants us to give and not expect anything in return.

It is Deep and Sarcastic

It is known to be quite deep and profound where people would do things which they would regularly avoid doing such is the power of love while sarcasm can be limited to diffusing any tension or conflict which arises in an argument.

Trust is the building block

Trust is the foundation on which any relationship is built.People may take time warming up to you at times but it doesnt mean that you wouldnt gain their trust or confidence but once you do make sure that you never let it go.

Depends on behaviour

It is also primarily dependent on the way you treat your partner if there is any signs of wandering they may get offended and rightly so and you may forever lose their respect and trust in the bargain.

Acceptance is the key

Whenever you accept your partner for who they are much of your relationship issues are at peace. You would be mentally in a better space and even your partner would acknowledge that.

Both are equally responsible

The most important thing a relationship needs is the want and the need to be with each other no matter the passion of never letting your partner go should be of utmost priority. And it cant be one sided ever both should be equally responsible for this.

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Common signs

If your relationship exhibits pecuilar signs of a healthy relationship then be assured that you are in a great realtionhsip space. Signs like your partner waiting to meet you, waiting to spend time with you.

Intimacy is important

Intimacy is a much underrated facet in a relationship, we wonder why people choose not to speak about it while it is easily one of the most important thing in a relationship.


First of all partners should be friends first everything else follows later. If you cant be friends with the one you love than that relationship has no future.


It is important to be possessive about the person you are in love with a little hint of possessiveness goes a long way in ensuring the spark going in a relationship.