Man Filmed Himself Dying After ‘Letting Black Mamba Bite Him’ When Relationship Ended

  • 4:40 pm March 14, 2018
  • bhavna

Suicides because of relationship failure are increasing day by day. But nothing can be more disturbing than a video of suicide that became viral recently. It was of a professional snake handler who harmed himself with his very own black mamba because of his divorce. Read more to know about it.


Arslan Valeev was a 31 year old Russian man from St Pittsburgh who was devastated by the breakup of his marriage life. Arslan and his wife Ekaterina Pyatyzhkina were both professional snake handlers.


There have been a lot of rumours about the reason behind their divorce which ultimately led to Arslan’s suicide. It is said that it was Ekaterina’s extra martial affair that led to bigger problems between the couple and Valeev ended up being violent and got into a physical confrontation with her. It is said that his wife had already come into another relationship after their breakup.


Arslan was devastated by the breakup of his marriage and decided to end his life. He live streamed himself and took a venomous black mamba in his hand without any protective gloves. He then made the mamba bite him on his finger after moving it from one enclosure to another. He even made the viewers see the bite and called it beautiful. Valeev can be seen visibly deteriorating in the video and his face becomes more and more pained with his range of motion being clearly limited. Viewers who translated the audio have reported that Valeev was complaining that his limbs were growing increasingly numb.


During the seven minutes long video, Arslan gave Ekaterina’s number and said, “Please message her, and let her know that I would be very happy if she came to see me.” The viewers even called police but it was too late as he had already died. According to his friends, he had tried running out of his room to save himself but it was already too late.