Man On Train Notices Boy Staring At Phone And Has No Idea Stranger Is Recording His Next Move

  • 4:59 am September 15, 2018
  • Hazel

Kindness is a righteousness that is once in a blue moon institute these days. Society these days are as a result of hard-working acceptable their have requests and requests that they overlook that of the others. individual category to others is out of grill for most. Kindness is the characteristic of body polite and considerate towards others. It is a property that not everybody possesses. Same only some nation in this planet are blessed with this value and their spirit is a blessing for individuals around them.

It only takes a minute to be nice to someone and it can be a small act that changes their day. When a man on the subway went out of his way to make a little boy happy, he didn’t realize anyone one watching. He had no idea someone was recording his good act and planned on sharing it with the world.

The man sits down on the subway and started playing a game on his phone. He had earbuds in and wasn’t paying much attention to the people around him. He was content to just mind his business and play his game until he got to his destination. A little boy was sitting next to him, looking over the man’s shoulder to watch him play the game. At first, the man didn’t notice. Then, he must have felt someone staring at him. He looked over and locked eyes with the little boy.

He isn’t sure if he is going to be in trouble for staring at the man’s phone or not. The man looks at the little boy for a second and then he looks back at his phone and continues to play. The little boy continues to watch him. Neither the man or the boy knows that the man on the other side of the subway car is videotaping him. The man continues to play his game and then he gets an idea. He takes his earbuds out and hands the phone to the little boy so he can play. The little boy is excited to take them and he starts playing the phone. This simple act of kindness that was caught on video is now going viral.

It has been viewed and shared thousands of times. On YouTube, people have left comments about the man and the little boy in the video. Phoenix Chastain said, “What a sweet kid! He’s so curious but look at his posture. So much self-control for just a little guy! D’awww 😊👏👏 And way to go to the man who gave him a chance to play too. Very cool!” Amy Bowers said, “What a sweet hearted man… And that child…my heartfelt something really good watching this. My day was a real bummer until I watched this.” Radio Times GH said, “Wow, faith in humanity restored!! thanks for sharing this piece.” While this man’s act of kindness may not seem huge to most people, it meant the world to that little boy. Children love games and riding on a subway isn’t exactly fun. This man could have been annoyed with the boy for staring at his phone, but instead, he decided to let him play the game.

He didn’t do it because he wanted to impress anyone. There wasn’t anyone watching from what he could see. Even the child’s mom doesn’t seem to be paying much attention to what’s going on beside her. He has no idea someone is recording this sweet moment.

Things like this happen every day, there just isn’t always a video to prove it. This man’s kindness has inspired others to be kind as well. It doesn’t cost anything to be a good person or do the right thing. This man proves how easy it is to make another person happy. Now that the video has gone viral, people are praising the man for his friendly actions. His identity is unknown and since he had no idea he was being videotaped, it might be a while until he finds out about the video.

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Hopefully, this video continues to be shared so more people can see and become inspired. This little boy will likely not forget the moment a stranger shared his game with him on the Subway. Maybe it will inspire him to help others as well.