Man Sells Pens On The Streets To Survive. Then A Stranger Snaps This Photo Of His Daughter

  • 2:10 pm May 10, 2018
  • Hazel

Food, clothes, and shelter are the three basic things needed to survive in this harsh world. And sometimes, it feels really disgusting to see a human being running after them. We all are well versed with Syria’s situation these days. Recently, a picture demonstrating Syria’s situation has gone viral and has set a lot of people’s heart on fire.

Syrian Refugee

A Palestinian, Abdul Halim al-Attar, from the devastated Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria. He is the main hero in the viral picture. After being displaced by the conflicting situation around him. He left with his family from Syria to start a new life. But, with a difficult phase of transition in life, his wife ended up in the mid-way of their crucial journey. That's a sorrowful story.

Very Determined

But all this sadness couldn't hold him back. His story is inspiring indeed. Because despite the fact that Abdul’s wife had left him alone with his 4-year-old daughter, his determination to not to return to Syria is worth the appreciation. When in spite of everything that goes wrong around you and you still stay strong in what you determine to do, is the real heroic behavior. He knew that there was no place for his little kid to grow peacefully.

Dedicated Dad

It is really hard to be a single parent and this guy went to extremes to give his family a peaceful environment to live in. In an attempt to support his family, Abdul, a single father did something very Brave for his family. He was seen holding up pens on a roadside on the southern outskirts of Damascus, on the streets of Beirut while holding his sleeping four-year-old daughter, Reem. That's really inspiring!

A Unknown Helping-Hand

Gissur Simonarson captured a photo of Abdul while following up his daily routine, carrying his daughter, Reem.

Gissur, is the founder of Conflict News posted those pictures on a crowdfunding page to help spread the word about the duo with the hope of raising money for them online. And, suddenly the page got flooded with a massive amount of requests to help that man. That was very helpful. Kindness is always appreciated.

An inspirational Man

The pictures that Simonarson clicked changed this father-daughter life forever. Simonson's fundraising effort successfully ended up raising over $200,000 to help the duo and similar new refugees in Lebanon.

This money changed everything for Abdul and he was able to provide food and shelter for his family. We get a strong message from this, that is, you shouldn't give up on life. When it's hard, fight, and stay strong!