Mother Shared Pictures Of Her Stillborn Baby And They Can Make Anyone Cry

  • 1:01 pm March 27, 2018
  • pooja

Pregnancy is one of the best things in the world. Those moments after and before childbirth are pure to the care. The sheer amount of happiness a mother and a father gets to feel are unparalleled.

But what if something goes wrong? What if the baby born is stillborn? Probably the worst thing, right? Meet Sarah Jade, the mother who lost her baby and when through the worst emotions there are. But what she did after are not something we get to see every day. Sarah and her husband, Tim after giving birth to a stillborn decided to get a photoshoot done and have shared pictures which can make anyone cry.

“I was holding you. You were real,” says the mother while sharing the pictures of her stillborn baby and they can make you cry!

Things for Sarah Jade, Tim and their child Arthur hailing from Melbourne, Australia were good when something hit them hard. Something that no one would have thought of. Sarah was going to be a mother again but when she entered her 22nd week of pregnancy, the MRI scan reports brought in a bad news.

A news which can make anyone cry. The unborn baby was found to be suffering from Polymicrogyria. In general terms, this is a severe brain condition in which an abnormal size of folds develops inside the brain. The said condition is so lethal that surviving from it is impossible.

The couple though went ahead with the gender reveal and upon finding it’s a male, the mother and the father decided to call him Aksel. Things went worse when the baby entered its 33rd week of pregnancy. As per the reports, his heartbeat stopped beating inside while in the womb. Sarah went into a labor and the stillborn Askel came out on 10th February. As per the mother,

“It was traumatic. The worst part was that I was pushing so hard, and Aksel was halfway out but then went back in, and I had to push all over again. I just burst out into tears at that moment. It was like my body wanted to push but my heart wanted to keep him inside of me.”

That’s when the couple decided to get pictures of the stillborn taken and hence, Lacey, a photographer was hired. When asked about this, the mother of the stillborn said,

“I’ll never regret having those photographs taken. It is something for us to hold onto forever. Our whole family saw Aksel and said goodbye. Letting go was the hardest thing we’ve ever had to go through.”

The pictures are literally heartbreaking and can make anyone cry. Just the thought of giving birth to a stillborn can make you cry and shiver, that’s for sure. As per the couple, they wanted to keep Askel in their memories and hence the pictures were taken.

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It must be also understood that the pictures have helped the mother and the father to come to terms with their loss. Lacey, the photographer explains the same saying,

“I think back to all the friends and family that I’ve lost over the course of my life, and while you know what they look like, you don’t have a very vivid picture in your mind but a faint recollection of what that person was like. But to have a photograph of them you’re getting a hard copy replica of what they looked like. So by sharing stories and photographs like this, we’re uniting everyone in that validation.”