Overweight Swing Dancer Is Trending On The Internet With His Moves...

  • 11:34 pm September 9, 2018
  • Hazel

We often judge people based on their appearance. Be it fit or unfit. We often gross out on the unit because they don't seem attractive enough for our eyes. But what we forget is that they are humans and they have talents too. We judge them by their appearance and don't give them a chance to change our perspective about them. When they do get a chance, they are sure of surprising you with their incredible talent. However, if you are judged because of something you get offended too. And you still do the same thing to others. Instead of just being equally kind to all humans. That's humanity in real. This guy literally broke all the stereotypes and gave all those overweight who are demotivated that they can't do anything with so much weight that they are carrying already, that they can dance too and that they are worth appreciating of their talent.

Don't judge a book by its cover...

There are a lot of things that we judge and expect to turn out to be the stereotypical way that it should be. But what we forget is that they are not supposed to be the way you think they should be but it should be the way it wants to be.

Breaking the stereotypes...

This guy will take you with surprise as he has no type and body of a professional dancer at all but the way he moves will leave you in shock.


This guy has real talent as he proves everyone wrong about their nasty judgement and makes everyone motivated for dancing and achieving what they want to, in life.

John Lindo

John Lindo is a dancer by profession with his lovely dance partners. He was discovered and stepped on the ladder of success in 1992 with countrywestern style. But soon he etched his name on the western coast swing circuit by winning some championships.

His success

He even won the US open Grand Nationals during his several years of dance competitions. He has also been the Phoenix Champion Of Champions.

Watch him dance...

People who love competitive dancing will surely enjoy a bit more than those who are unaware of it. His dance moves have everyone tap their feel and groove in the music. This video with one of his beautiful dance partners, Deborah Szekely is more than amazing to watch.

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