Parents Receive Letter From Bus Driver About Their Kids' Treatment To Boy That Has Gone Viral

  • 3:24 pm September 18, 2018
  • suhas

There is so much wrong happening around us that it is almost impossible to believe that our world yet has a lot of right things in it. This incident is one of them. All of us need to learn a thing or two from these kids!

Difficult World!

Let not state the obvious. We all know the condition of our society currently. The way it is deteriorating with every passing day is not a surprise for anybody.

Life is difficult and so is or society! But that does not mean that we do not have anything amazing to look forward to.

Faith Resorted!

So here's a heart warming story about kids where they resort your faith in humanity! So let us take you through this entirely right from the start.

One bus driver was so happy to see a pair of children choose kindness when it came to dealing with someone who was different than them, rather than cruelty.

Cindy Clausen

Cindy Clausen was overwhelmed with joy when she saw brother and sister Annaliese and Jorge, go out of their way to make friends with a boy who had a disability. Not a lot of us will ever do something like this!

Cindy was so impressed that she actually decided to write to the parents of these kids!

The Letter

Cindy believes that kids are actually a reflection of their parents and so she wanted to address them directly. She wanted to let Annaliese and Jorge’s parents know just what a good job they did with raising their children.

This is the letter that she wrote!

So Heartwarming!

Isn't this great? As parents if all of us start understanding our duties well, we'll in fact raise a bright future that in return will make our society beautiful!