These Are The 20 Benefits Of Having A Boyfriend

  • 2:41 pm March 20, 2018
  • pooja

Every girl wants to be in a relationship and having a boyfriend is beneficial for many reasons. Many love to be single, but nevertheless, with a boyfriend around things become more interesting. The benefits a girl receives is never ending, having someone to love them for who they are, someone to share, complain and rely upon. A boyfriend is your best friend, a partner in crime, bodyguard, your shoulder to cry on, your strength and much more.

A boyfriend makes the girl a better person because he believes in her and supports her dream. He makes the girl feel complete and life begins to have a new meaning. Hence, it’s better to have a boyfriend than being single and get many benefits as mentioned below.

1. When a spider creeps into your room and through fright you cover it with a cup. Then you wait for your boyfriend to come home and kill it.

2. Whenever you are feeling low, they can cheer you up by playing a game and help in diverting your focus.

3. You go on a shopping spree without any hassle because you know there’s a boyfriend behind, to carry all your bags for you.

4. There is at least one individual, who will celebrate your birthday as a feast and make you feel special.

5. The benefits of having a boyfriend is that anytime can be sex time, when you are in the mood. Sex is more fun with someone you like.

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6. No more lonely days because he fills that vacuum. Hence, no need to look for other outlets to get rid of loneliness.

7. Those days when creeps with hound you at bars are over. Now, with him around, no one would dare creep on you.

8. No matter, if anyone is there or not, at least, there’s one guy all the time complimenting and boosting your confidence.

9. The best benefits you reap are plenty of surprise gifts, flowers and chocolates, without you asking for it.

10. He is always available to fix anything that is broken or needs repair in the house.These are the benefits of having a boyfriend.

11. Most of the parents worry whether you are a closet lesbian. But, with a boyfriend around their mind is free from suspicion.

12. At least, you are able to wear and display all your sexy lingerie to your boyfriend and do a catwalk for him.

13. Having a boyfriend means taking an extra care of your body because you know that you will be seen naked regularly.

14. Now, the fun has doubled up when you both dress up as a couple on a Halloween night.

15. It has been many days since you last carried your wallet or remember what it looks like because someone is there to pay the bills for you.

16. You don’t feel disturbed anymore whenever a friend is getting engaged because you’ve got someone in your life too.

17. With him around you can throw all your tantrums, have arguments and do all your bitching, yet you will be loved.

18. You always have someone to show all your funny videos and pictures, along with the reactions as expected.

19. You express all your complaints you have with the world to him and he humbly agrees with most of them or guides you around.

20. When at times you are wrong, you have someone to vouch and support you, which means a lot.