This Couple Gave Birth To The World’s First Sextuplets: This Is What They Look Like After 30 Years

  • 2:08 pm October 27, 2022
  • suhas

Becoming parents is one of the best felling one could ever get. Janet and Graham, like many other families, have long desired children. But They had no idea they would become the parents of a large family. The couple struggled for a long time, but after 13 attempts, Janet became pregnant!

When they got to know about the Sextuplets

They were astounded by their good fortune. But that wasn't all; they couldn't wait for the first ultrasound because they were so excited.

An ultrasound revealed that the couple was expecting six children at the same time. They had not expected to have six children after so many failures, and this was a huge pleasant surprise!

Their Efforts After Giving Birth To Six Daughters

Janet was admitted to the district hospital after specialists insisted on her hospitalization. On November 18, 1983, she gave birth to six healthy daughters.

Janet and Graham spent $11,000 per year on diapers because they didn't have time to stop between feedings, diaper changes, bathing, and changing their baby.

Their Experience With Their Girls

They had a difficult first few years of life, but then the school years began. With six girls, preparing them for puberty was difficult.

They claim to be extremely proud of their daughters. They've been friends since they were children, and nothing has changed between them.

And Today...

They are now 34 years old. Some of them went on to have successful careers, while others married and started their own families.

The entire family recently went on vacation. They took an unforgettable trip to New York with their parents.

Their First Child, Sarah..

Sarah is their first child, and she has given her parents a grandson. She gave birth to a daughter in 2014, whom she named Yorgi.

They are overjoyed to have six daughters because it means the family will grow and more granddaughters will be born!

Their Journey of Raising 6 Daughters..

They claim it was difficult to fully appreciate every stage of their female development, but things have changed over time.

Their granddaughter is overjoyed that she has such grandparents, parents, and at least 5 aunts!