Tiger Gives Birth To Lifeless Twin Cub But Mother's Instincts Kicks In Which Leaves The Caretakers Stunned

  • 6:31 pm September 20, 2018
  • delcy

A mother is like a saviour, second omnipresent and the only one who will still love her children even though they abandon her. She would break all hell for the sake of her children, a mother is not only human nature but you can find this character in all species. Animals, birds and fishes etc, they would do anything just make their children happy. Well, you can imagine the fact that losing your dear ones might make your world upside down but she chose to fight it and her instincts made her realize that no one in this world would revive her child rather than her. So here the tiger gave birth to lifeless twin cub and her next step which will stun you.

Kaitlyn the Sumatran tiger

Mother is only one who would save their children from all the suffering and would surely break hell to save you from danger. And no species on earth has been never experience the motherhood . You have seen many miracles but this one seems like quite different, because the birth giving process is very painful though but this tiger surely stunned everyone with it's instincts and the process will make you love for this sumatran tiger. Kaitlyn the sumatran tiger gave birth to two little male cubs but sadly one of cubs was struggling very hard to breathe. Her tricks to get her baby's cub lung open surely left the caretakers amused. And the caretakers are quite glad to share this video to everyone.

It was risk taking process

Well, Sumatran tiger is the most endangered animals, but as a recent poll which includes that only 400-600 wild sumatran tigers left in the world. So that's why the caretakers was monitoring the process for it's success, without taking risk of loosing one more Sumatran tiger. And if something goes wrong they would surely come into conclusion, as they were closely monitoring all the process of birth giving.

First cub was struggling to breathe

After noticing that one of her cub is struggling to breathe, instincts kicked in which made her realise that something was wrong with the baby and she tried few tricks immediately. she started licking the first cub and licking stimulates the cub's lungs. With continuous licking and encouraging him to start breathing on his own. But even did she licked her cub, it gasp for air.

She is a fighter!

Well, she didn't gave up though! The mother after continuous licking making sure that he is alive, cleanse her new born until he is able to pull in a full breathe. And then she gave birth to second cub, thankfully the second birth was normal. Though the caretakers, were at risk but the process of birth giving and motherly nature made them realise that no mother on earth won't tolerate the absence of her child and she would do anything for her children. And the world is divided with different species but the process of being a mother is a blessing to everyone.

Her impressive instincts proves she is one of the proud mother

She amused everyone with her sudden instincts and the video will surely make you think, that mother are our real saviour, and she is one proud mother of two.