Top 10 Countries Who Watch Adult Videos To Extreme Extent

  • 7:38 pm April 10, 2018
  • Hazel

Adult videos have become a famous part of our society. Some watch and enjoy it, some vehemently oppose it and some watch it, enjoy it but oppose it the same time. Hypocrisy, you see. It has become a habit of some people. If they are sitting idle, why not watch some adult videos? This is the reason, adult videos are continuously growing.

10. Brazil

Brazil managed to come among the top 10 countries who watch adult videos. Brazilians believe in the phrase “variety is the spice of life”. That’s why lesbian, stepmom, milf and teen are the most searched.

9. Italy

Italians have a fondness to watch adult videos too. That’s why they’re in the 9th spot in the top countries list.

8. Australia

Australia provides a good number of audience for the adult videos. They mainly go for “Aussie gay”, “teen”, “Asian”, and “lesbian”. So, it seems they are not that homophobic.

7. Germany

So, this country is not only about war and violence. They like to watch adult videos in their free time. They’re 7th in our list of the top 10 countries.

6. France

Known as a romantic city, it had to be among the top 10 countries. Being romantics, their presence among the watchers of these videos is not surprising.

5. Japan

The category of teen and Asian is quite famous among the Japanese. Their Hentai genre is known to everyone. Though the fan following of adult videos is coming down in this country, people still watch them.

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4. Canada

According to research, the porn sites get most hits on Monday. Talk about a stressful job. Lisa, teen, and massage are the most searched terms. Also, the month of January is when Canadians run towards porns. Hence, 4th among the top 10 countries.

3. India

Really? So, we are not far behind from the first spot. Indians have set interest in Sunny Leone, Mia Khalifa and “Indian bhabhi”. Ok, I know it’s lecherous. Delhi alone gives 40% of traffic.

2. United Kingdom

Being in the 2nd spot among the top 10 countries who watch most adult videos is something in itself. They provide a huge traffic for porn sites. Mostly go for lesbians, British, and milf.

1. United States

Cudos to the Americans. The United States is on top of other countries in watching porns. They’re top in everything. Be in nuclear power or to watch porn. Stepmom, stepsister, and Asians, Americans jerk it off quite often.