Unimaginable Transformation Of This Indian Couple Before And After 3 Years Is Inspiring!

  • 12:52 pm January 13, 2021
  • suhas

Staying fit shouldn't be an option but a lifestyle choice. It isn't as easy as it seems to be honest! But then there are some people who defy all the odds and do the unimaginable. That is what this Indian couple did and man they are inspiring!

This Indian Couple

The way you look is what people think about you when you meet them for the first time. Being fit is important for a lot of reasons and this couple understood that. Looking at them, they look like any ordinary couple but they are not!


These are not celebs and by no means are they influencers! They are just a normal Indian couple who hail from Rajasthan. They are breaking the Internet with their stunning transformation which is super inspiring to say the least!

Conservative family!

40 Year old Aditya Sharma Weighed almost 72 kgs whereas his wife Gayatri weighed 62 kgs and the couple came from very conservative families. Gong to a gym wasn't an options specially for Gayatri! But after a point, they didn't care one bit and started a journey that would transform them completely!

Before And After

Look at their before and after photo. Isn't it stunning? Looks Absolutely amazing, doesn't it! We told you their transformation is inspiring!


Aditya is the nutrition consultant and fitness trainer himself while his wife was a housewife and mother of two and in this journey towards fitness no one supported the couple. Turns out, they did not need anybody's support! They were each others support and this is the result of their hard work and determination!


If this doesn't inspire you to get up and take the first step towards fitness, I don't know what will! So good! #Fitnessgoals!

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