You Can Become Pregnant Without Even Having Sex!

  • 3:34 pm April 20, 2018
  • mariam

Biologically you need to have good s3x to get pregnant but a lame mistake can also get you pregnant. It doesn’t matter if you have taken precautions or not but if you are doing any of these 6 mistakes then you will be delivering a baby after nine months. Want to know the mistakes scroll down and read the article.

Sp3rm Lurking In And Around Your [email protected]

This happens a lot of times when you try the ‘pulling out at the right time method’. This method is a total mistake and can land you in some very serious problems. There are 20 million sp3rms in One ML and an average human being ejaculation is around 3.5 ML. It just needs one sp3rm to get you pregnant.

They Can Easily Swim Across The [email protected]

They have the quality to move and thus it is easier for them to reach the eggs. Beware if there is any sp3rm around your [email protected] then you might need to wash it after having s3x. The [email protected] cells around vulva make it easier for them to travel.

Egg Awaiting To Get Fertilized.

If you aren’t under any birth control methods and your eggs are ovulating then you might need to take extra care while having s3x. The ovulating egg is waiting to get fertilized.

Even Oral S3x Can Make You Pregnant Sometimes.

This will be the costliest mistake you will ever make. Although this is rare but happens. If the ejaculation happens near the Vulva due to an Oral $ex or $ex Play and it reaches to the [email protected] opening then this might not be a pleasing thing. There are chances that it will travel inside. Change clothes even after Oral $ex if the sp3rm is inside your panties.

S3x Toys Carrying Sp3rms.

If your fingers have got the sp3rms after ejaculation and mistakenly you have reached your pants then this will lead to pregnancy. Wash your $ ex-toys including Dild0s and vibrators as if they have even a little bit of sp3rm and you use them then no one will save you.

Sp3rm Live Longer In Moist Areas.

If sp3rm is not around the warmer areas of the body then it won’t survive for a long time. On the other hand, if it is around the warm and moist areas such as lower abdomen, buttock or [email protected] then it may reach the inner part. It is better to stay safe and secure.

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