10 Unusual Thing That You Will Only See In Asia

  • 10:47 am September 2, 2018
  • Helma

Well, Asia is one continent that differs from the others with its unique likeness towards nature and also people from Asia are quite different, their culture and even the mindset differ from others. But here we are not talking about the people rather they are very creative and weird in the sense of rules and regulation, also different outlook towards life. So here looking into pictures might surely inspire or you impress and that can only be seen in Asia.

The massive QR code garden in China

130,000 trees that can only be scanned from the sky this QR code garden looks so amazing. And if you want to scan it you can scan with WeChat and it will take you to a Chinese user account.

Railway In A Market

They have to struggle a lot as they have to move their stuff a lot out of the train's way in order to save it from being ruined because the place is surrounded in a railway station.

special slippers for the toilet in Japan.

This special slipper is not just only for men but also women and they used this slippers specialized for the toilet in Japan.

There are baby seats in every bathroom in Japan.

So now don't worry if you want to take a quick shower or a quick toilet because the baby seat can give you rest for a little while.

somewhere in India

It looks more like a competition between the store or the real apps as they are so close to each other even the real apps are not close.

Manhole covers in Japan are more artistic than The artwork

We have seen many artistic street arts but this is something out of the blue where they have designed for the manhole covers.

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The Bangladesh Railway is overcrowded

It's not only Bangladesh but all places in Asia that are crowded with populations. Well, the population is great to make a developed nation but still, it's too much.

No Chewing Gum

There are many rules and regulation and various laws and one of the strangest one is that people have strictly banned from chewing gum.

Animals Swag

If men can cut all trees and vacate the forest than its obvious animals don't have any place to stay so they started using man's property.

The Monkey Police

A police officer adopted a monkey to patrol around local areas. This monkey police officer is a 5-year-old and he also has a name peace in Thai.