10 Awkward Moments of Politicians They Don’t Want You To See…

  • 3:30 pm June 30, 2018
  • Hazel

Politicians have a reputation to maintain which is why they try to look as much as sophisticated and mannered as possible. But even though they are big personalities they are humans and everyone has flaws and everyone goes through some situations that they cannot escape from. There are pictures that the paparazzi’s click that is downright weird because they keep clicking the moving people and get some unimaginable pictures. When you think of these personalities you have a big figure in mind but when you see them in these pictures you won’t be able to control your laughs.

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump is always in the news not only because of her family's reputation but also her fashion, style. One time when she was out in public playing at New York golf course her sundress was caught in a breeze.

Michelle Obama and Melania Trump

This was an occasion where the First lady Michelle Obama, met President-elect Donald Trump and greets Melania Trump at the White House in Washington. This was a really cringy picture that was captured by the media.

George Bush

This looks like a photoshop image and this might have been a really nice sight if this was real though! This is such a nice picture of Bush trying to ignore the giant chicken but the chicken has other plans to piss-off the President!

Obama and Dominique Strauss-Kahn

President Obama keeps Dominique Strauss-Kahn away from the First Lady, during the 2009 G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh. Obama getting protective over his wife is so cute...I think Michelle didn't notice this but when she sees this picture it will find it cute too...

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and China's Vice Premier Wang Qishan

Hillary was caught between Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and China's Vice Premier Wang Qishan while they were shaking hands and this picture looks like she is holding in her breath. Media literally captures anything and everything that they get to capture. In this case, it was Hilary having to deal with the embarrassment.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin spends 63rd birthday playing hockey with NHL stars against Russian officials. That looks fun! At least for a politician to play like that. We have only seen him in formals, wearing a politician's face. But this picture has stories...

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Barrak Obama

The phrase " Men will be men" suits here... And this one has a really tickled our brains because we do not think of Obama that way. This picture is a coincidence, that's all. Obama wouldn't stare at some other girl like that! Look at the other guy staring and laughing at the whole situation.

The Awkward Moment!

This is so awkward for these two politicians to even bare the presence of each other and then the media didn't spare them so they captured the awkward moment!

Hillary Clinton

So, Hilary was running campaigns for the Presidentship and while that course she met many people, citizens and this is one such incident where she was spotted with a child but her expression was saying something else. Of course, the negative...

Michael Bloomberg

Then-mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg kisses Miss Piggy. Her boyfriend Kermit the Frog looks over at the situation in utter disgust. That's quite embarrassing for the Mayor!